Custom Printed Glass Mugs, Branded with Your Company Logo

After all your hard work custom creating that special drink, why hide it in a beverage container that only shows the top? Glass mugs are a great option to showcase not only your message or slogan but a fantastic way to show off your product inside too – giving you the change to double advertise with this easy purchase from Dynamic Gift Canada.

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  1. 12oz glass mug with green and brown logo
    Good Morning Mug (12oz)
    Priced from $6.75 to $7.95
  2. 12oz glass mug with red and black logo
    Standard Glass Mug (11oz)
    Priced from $5.88 to $6.95
  3. 16oz glass mason jar style mug with grey logo
    Mason Mug (15oz)
    Priced from $6.25 to $7.50
  4. Clifton Mug - Printed (10oz)
    Clifton Mug - Printed (10oz)
    Priced from $6.08 to $6.88
  5. Clifton Mug - Deep Etch (10oz)
    Clifton Mug - Deep Etch (10oz)
    Priced from $9.60 to $10.60
  6. Selkirk Mug - Printed (8oz)
    Selkirk Mug - Printed (8oz)
    Priced from $6.79 to $7.68
  7. Selkirk Mug - Deep Etch (8oz)
    Selkirk Mug - Deep Etch (8oz)
    Priced from $11.45 to $12.45
  8. Islay Mug - Printed (13oz)
    Islay Mug - Printed (13oz)
    Priced from $7.91 to $8.95
  9. Islay Mug - Deep Etch (13oz)
    Islay Mug - Deep Etch (13oz)
    Priced from $13.45 to $14.45
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9 Items

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Little extras that make a big difference

Getting your brand onto the items you use in your company can make all the difference between a business that simply exists and one that shows ‘We are established’. From glassware in restaurants and hotels, to coffee shops, getting custom printed glass mugs is a great way to show the world ‘we will be around for the long haul’ The same can be said for reviews and star ratings from the public – having that little something extra gives a boost to your professional, yet personal touch – something that cannot be underestimated in a competitive and often faceless world.

Free advertising? We can drink to that!

With the majority of people not only owning cell phones, but also apps with instant access to social media, getting in the pictures of your clients can be a huge advertising boost to your company! But with nothing in the picture to say where people are, whose to know they aren’t having a great time at a rival business venue? By choosing imprinted glassware you are not only creating a unique highly photogenic item that is less likely to be pushed aside for the perfect shot – you are literally putting your logo or slogan in the frame, what could be better? Furthermore, with potentially unlimited people sharing, forwarding or even downloading a single image containing your message, you could be seen across the world – global advertising with a single, well thought out product. Why not add your phone number and make it even easier for people to get in touch? Whatever you choose, get noticed and help make sure you don’t get cropped out of that important shot with our custom printed glass mugs.

Ideal promo items

Whatever your company’s about, almost every type of venture at one point needs a promo item. But what to choose? Few businesses have unlimited funds for advertising, and even a healthy budget if poorly managed can quickly vanish leaving you with less than what you had hoped for. Choosing the right item is key, and mugs are a fantastic choice. Long lasting, often in use and sought after for homes and office places – because we all have our favourite drink ware – this product is a great option for anyone looking for long term advertising as well as raising their brand awareness at the same time. Each time that cup is pulled from the cupboard its owner will be reminded of you, and with anything custom printed – they will make great conversation starters too! Get into the places where you will be seen, not forgotten and get people talking about you and your brand with these fantastic promo items from Dynamic Gift Canada today.

The art of getting noticed

With so many places now offering something unique to stand out, everything from lattes to milkshakes to Caesars are becoming more fabulous and awe inspiring than ever before. So why make something so fancy only to hide most of it in an opaque beaker or mug? Get the whole of that product your company worked to hard to create on show, not just the top! Consider how many people or how often even you have been influenced in a restaurant by something travelling past your eye in a waiter’s hand, if you have something special to offer then let them see! With drinks offering colour gradients, fruit pieces, even sprinkles, hiding it away in a poorly chosen glass is not only bad advertising but can even cheapen the appearance of your beverage in the eyes of potential customers. Make sure you go the distance and choose the right container for that special drink and do you and your company the justice it deserves.

Drink to success!

Whatever style you need, whatever you decide on, working with us is easy and hassle free. With products that offer competitive pricing without you compromising on quality. We have dedicated staff, experienced in taking those ideas and making them into reality so why not contact us today and let us help you get started?