photo of black coffee in a ceramic mug on a desk and key features listed; imprint with photos, logos or business info, great way to build brand recognition, several styles and sizes available

Order Custom Printed Ceramic Mugs with Your Company Logo

It’s well known that many of us can’t start our day without that satisfying cup of morning coffee or tea. Keep your brand in plain view with our range of promotional ceramic mugs and cups, available branded with your logo in up to 4 colours, or on certain mugs we can print full colour photographic images and gradients. Don't delay, talk to our sales team today for a fast written quote and a 100% FREE virtual mock-up.

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  1. Fuzion Halo Mug (385mL)
    Fuzion Halo Mug (385mL)
    Priced from $6.12 to $9.24
  2. two images of red 350mL mug one side showing green and yellow logo and the other side showing white snowflake print
    Vinter Snowflake Mug (350mL)
    Priced from $5.67 to $8.64
  3. 350mL white speckled mug with black rim and logo
    Beach House Speckled Mug (350mL)
    Priced from $5.22 to $7.62
  4. 350mL white stoneware mug with cobalt blue interior and handle and a blue logo
    Koho Coloured Mug (350mL)
    Priced from $4.77 to $7.02
  5. 350mL white stoneware mug with black rim and handle and a blue and black logo
    Spring Mug (350mL)
    Priced from $4.95 to $7.26
  6. 325mL black and white C handle mug with full colour logo
    Fuzion 'C' Handle Mug (325mL)
    Priced from $4.13 to $6.22
  7. 15oz white and black C handle mug with full colour logo
    Two-Tone Mug (15oz)
    Priced from $5.92 to $8.58
  8. 416mL light blue and blue stoneware mug with blue logo
    Parsumi Stoneware Mug (416mL)
    Priced from $6.08 to $9.20
  9. 591mL white and red ceramic barrel mug with red logo
    Barrel Mug (591mL)
    Priced from $7.23 to $12.02
  10. 450mL black and red C handle mug with white logo
    Two-Tone 'C' Handle Mug (450mL)
    Priced from $6.27 to $9.46
  11. Soup-er Soup Mug (500mL)
    Soup-er Soup Mug (500mL)
    Priced from $9.08 to $14.34
  12. Fuzion Kona Mug (444mL)
    Fuzion Kona Mug (444mL)
    Priced from $7.23 to $10.76
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Most days start with a good cup of coffee

So what better and smarter way to advertise your company’s logo than on those coffee mugs that serve us day in and day out. Help keep your brand top-of-mind for potential clients by reminding them every day with a ceramic coffee mug!

Custom printed ceramic cups help raise brand awareness

Custom printed ceramic coffee mugs are the perfect advertising gift for a nation that has a day literally dedicated to celebrating coffee every year. Once you give these mugs away they are likely to be around for years to come in kitchens and work places. Wherever you send them, people need mugs and so they are one item that rarely gets banished to the back of the cupboard. With so many people choosing to bring their own cup from home, even non travel mugs will likely get shuttled between work and home, promoting your company to everyone who sees this valuable commodity.

Hey, That's my mug!

People don’t like sharing! How many times have you been in the office and heard someone say “Who used MY mug?!’ Is there any office rage quite like it? Bring the solution by offering your company’s unique custom printed mugs as a give away at trade shows and events, reducing the likeliness that Debra from the office has the same one as your precious chosen customer. You only need one in every office space for everyone to see, meaning you can spread your advertising further than ever before.

Or how about making this issue within your own company obsolete by making all mugs the same? Try purchasing our branded mugs for your workplace to keep the internal squabbling to a minimum! Branded mugs are also a great gift to your employees to increase team morale and a sense of company pride. What better way to reward a team building exercise and increase workplace satisfaction than with a personalized mug?

Try a travel mug for on the go branding

Dynamic Gift Canada also offers the option to get your slogan out into the world on that morning commute! With the modern consumer turning away from disposable cups, advertising using our travel mugs at such a low price is a clear choice! Think of all the times you have sat on the crowded bus or train and read anything, any advert to avoid making awkward eye contact with another person. Take advantage of social awkwardness today and put your company’s name at eye level for those silent commuters. Your mug might be so awesome that people even break the taboo and ask about it!

Many of these products are microwavable, dishwasher safe, BPA free, FDA compliant, or even a combination of the options. Our branded mug sizes start at a modest 350mL ‘I drink coffee because I like the taste’ all the way up to an impressive ‘don’t bother me until I’ve finished my drink’ 20oz barrel style. This means however much coffee your client needs in their day, we have the container for it right here!

Canada's #1 customer service and quality

Choose from a wide variety of shapes and handle styles, making it easy to find the right mug to suit your audience’s needs. If high visibility impact is what you are looking for how about our HDI full colour imprint option that will stand out in the crowded workplace or trade show and get your company the attention it deserves. Or how about our digital print option that offers to capture that team building exercise, the excitement of your venue or event in full photo colour clarity. Make the good memories last and get reminisced over, alongside your company name. Whatever you choose, this smart investment will mean your advertising is kept around, on a durable product that is rarely out of the public eye.