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When it comes to finding something we have in common, our love of coffee and tea probably ranks pretty high! With so many of us finding it unthinkable that we can go about our day without our favourite hot drink, it might explain just why items like promotional coffee mugs are so popular when it comes to advertising. Choosing custom metal mugs in Canada makes a lot of sense too from popularity to a great sized surface area to repeat use and hey, if nothing else, it sure gets cold here and we need that hot drink!

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  1. A 16oz copper and stainless steel moscow mule mug with black and orange logo in front of a bottle of beer
    Moscow Mule Mug (16oz)
    Priced from $22.58 to $28.45
  2. 450mL copper glossy barrel mug with green logo
    Brewmaster Barrel Mug (500mL)
    Priced from $17.77 to $29.50
  3. Brew Copper Vacuum Insulated Mug (12oz)
    Brew Copper Vacuum Insulated Mug (12oz)
    Priced from $19.15 to $24.13
  4. Fireside Camp Mug (17oz)
    Fireside Camp Mug (17oz)
    Priced from $9.00 to $10.59
  5. Ora Mean Muggin’ Metallic Mug (360mL)
    Ora Mean Muggin’ Metallic Mug (360mL)
    Priced from $20.00 to $25.00
  6. Ora Mean Muggin’ Shiny Mug (360mL)
    Ora Mean Muggin’ Shiny Mug (360mL)
    Priced from $25.00 to $30.00
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How can promotional metal mugs can help your business grow?

There are a few key points that seem to influence many marketing plans both big and small when it comes to choosing which product to imprint your business message on. How useful will it be to the target audience? How frequently will it be used and seen? And of course, how many people does this product appeal to? The good news is that promotional coffee mugs nearly always hit these requirements with ease!

A wide age range and target audience might all like different types of clothes, different types of activities and even different types of drinks but they all need something to drink out of and this makes custom printed mugs a powerful tool in the promotional game. With many of us having more tea and coffee than we probably should in a day, the chance of your mug being used more than once is high and finally, who doesn’t love a great quality custom metal mug. When we look at all of this, the reason for the coffee mugs steady popularity in the promo game becomes easy to see.

Let’s get with the times and create something reusable!

It’s no secret that people are increasingly shunning single use, throw away items and this includes cups and mugs. Metal reusable coffee mugs offer a lasting alternative to those flimsy, thin paper cups that you have to juggle from hand to hand waiting for them to cool. Custom metal coffee mugs also provide a lasting form of advertising as they have potential to be around for years to come, with your branded message still on it and that can help even the most modest of promotional budgets stretch further than many single use products are capable of achieving! Creating a lasting form of brand visibility and something that your customer can use for years is a win-win for both, and it’s another reason why promotional coffee mugs are so popular in Canada.

Find your style with ease when you choose promotional metal mugs

Another great thing that custom metal coffee mugs have going for them is their style. From classical to modern to funky, metal reusable coffee mugs come in so many shapes, sizes and styles the hard part is usually deciding which one you like the best. Having this versatility gives you a better chance to tailor your product to your brand image and create something that’s just more – you!

When you have finally decided which custom metal mug you think would work best for you, the choice doesn’t stop there because now your chosen mug is likely to come with multiple print options or even engraving! Laser engraved metal coffee mugs are a particularly popular choice because custom engraving is a great way to help ensure your logo or slogan is round for the long haul and stays fresh for a long time. Custom printing your mug is another fantastic choice for creating something vibrant, sleek, stylish and just all round great to look at. Whatever you choose, having such flexibility is a great way to help make sure your promotional metal mugs stand out and get the attention you need.

Mugs on the move – how metal reusable coffee mugs are heading outdoors

We might be tempted to think of custom style mugs as something that sit on the shelf until they are returned to their cupboard but that’s not always true. With a change in style has come the rise of the classical enamel style mug, or as you might think of it – custom metal campfire mugs! These cups are easy to clean, easy to carry and provide a great solution for drinking outdoors. The benefit to these mugs being the “outdoorsy type” means you can gain attention indoors or outside, where you need! With campfire gatherings and get-togethers often involving large amounts of people the potential for your custom printed item is almost limitless and this helps explain why custom metal campfire mugs are back in fashion and looking like they are here to stay.

Ok you’ve convinced me but how do I get started making my own?

Once you and your team have settled on the type of imprinted mug you would like, send us your artwork or give us a call to get started making it a reality! We are based in Canada and offer an in-house art service to help you with your needs, as well as an experienced and friendly sales team to answer any questions you may have. Start getting those dreams off your wish list and into the hands of your customers and clients by contacting us today to begin!