Canadian businesses spend nearly $15 billion on marketing each year. As a small to medium business, you have to make every dollar count.

We’ve got some very compelling reasons that a branded drinking water bottle is a worthy investment.

Let’s take a look!

1. It’s a Solution

Worldwide around 1 million plastic bottles get produced each minute. 91% of them don’t get recycled.

A Neilson study found that 72% of Gen Z and 55% of millennials are willing to pay more for a more sustainable product. Even Boomers are on the sustainability bandwagon at a rate of 51%.

eco-friendly products

This shows a clear trend. Companies that demonstrate that they care about the planet will win the trust of consumers across generations.

Providing people with a reusable drinking water bottle sends a message that you’re with them.

2. People Actually Use Them

You may be thinking that you’ll just get promotional pens or something super-cheap. We get it. You have to stretch a dollar.

But when you look at the ROI on the overdone promotional products that just end up in someone’s junk drawer, it’s easy to see why a drinking water bottle is a much smarter investment.

People love to show off their bottle. With the right design and quality, it becomes their favourite.

They take it to the gym. They take it to work. They take it to a street festival.

It becomes a fixture in their lives.

You may even see people carry your bottles to your next trade show. Now, that’s the way to get the most out of your promotional budget.

3. They Get Attention

The person who owns the drinking water bottle isn’t the only one who sees it. For each bottle, your brand may touch 50-100 people every day.

And because of the sustainability angle, you’re more likely to pique their interest.

People may forget a Facebook ad they saw 10 minutes ago. But they remember the unique and creative promotional ideas like this.

4. They Tap Into Emotion

You know how important emotion is in marketing. You become the brand that not only cares about the environment.

You quench their thirst.

You become something they reach for when they’re exhausted. They’ve had a long day. Suddenly, cold water re-energizes them.

Shouldn’t your brand be on that bottle?

5. They’re Affordable

Water bottles are one of the more affordable promotional items you can get that gives you a strong return.

Printed pamphlets will cost you more in ink, copy, paper and time. On top of that, it’s less eco-friendly.

And people won’t keep them like they do a water bottle.

6. Hydration Never Goes Out of Style

You could get a bunch of branded fidget spinners. And we’re not saying that’s a bad idea. But who knows how long things like this will stay trendy?

Drinking water and being healthy are always trendy. It’s a sustainable choice in more than one way.

Drinking Water Bottle: The Smart Choice

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When you think sustainable, think water bottles. When you think ROI, that’s water bottles too. Tap into a very powerful emotion. Get seen everywhere this person goes.

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