You may have heard of lanyards before, but may not know what exactly they really are. The truth is, you probably know them by another name such as neck straps, key cords, etc. They are the seat belt looking necklaces that ID cards, VIP passes, and name tags hang from. Actually, lanyards have many many different uses. Gym teachers, coaches, and referees may hang whistles on them, while a janitor may hang his keys on the end of one. Security guards also use them to hang swipe cards and all access passes on. Custom Lanyards make great promotional gifts as well.

Below is a list of some of the most common uses that lanyards have.

Warning: its a big list!

Hanging ID Cards and Keys

Lanyards are most commonly used by employees that work in an array of different fields. Security guards and police officers can use them to visibly wear their ID, badge, and/or access cards. Janitors, company caretakers, and management can use them for keys as well as identification, coaches can use them for hanging whistles, and the list goes on and on.

Academia and educational use

Lanyards are known to be used at schools that teach students of all ages. They are used on various kinds of school trips, school functions, orientations, and more. School athletic teams commonly wear them to support school spirit. Teachers and school staff are also known for using lanyards for identification/name tag purposes.

Trade shows and business exhibitions

Although trade show security guards are known for wearing lanyards, they are also used to help security determine who is a legitimate paying visitor, and who is trying to get a free ride. Traditionally, you will be handed a lanyard with proof of payment after you have paid the greeter at the entrance. Company vendors also use them to promote their company and/or brand, which also makes it easy for the visitors to pin point the workers from each individual company.

Business and college seminars

Printed lanyards are frequently used at seminars for multiple different reasons. However, all of the lanyards used for different things at seminars have one thing in common. Promotion. Company names, brands, logos and/or phone numbers can be printed on the lanyards, making them great promotional gifts to both perspective clients and staff.

Business and corporate functions and events

Lanyards are common at most company functions. It is important to clearly identify yourself and the company you’re representing at big business gatherings, such as conventions. They provide a convenient and visible place to wear a company ID, and they can be customized to promote your brand

Entertainer or promoter ID (VIP/ backstage passes)

Entertainment promoters are usually looking for talent and leads in crowded places. It’s extremely important for them to have printed ID cards at least a VIP pass on them that are visible, so their perspective clients can pin point who they are. Promoters also hand out lanyards to staff and security, etc. at events that they are overlooking.  They’re even used to give out VIP passes to people.

Charity and fundraising events

Charity events are also known for using lanyards for identification and promotion. They are known to be handed out to guests as a souvenir as well. You’ll often see the speakers at the charity event wearing a lanyard with their name on an identification card at the end.

Novelty store sale item or merchandise selling

A lot of novelty shops and gift shops sell lanyards. They may have funny or trending remarks or pictures printed on them, or they may have the name of the town on them.

Student or teacher identification

School faculties come in contact with new students every year, which is why it’s important for them to have a visible ID with them at all times. Lanyards are commonly used by school staff to hang an ID on them. Coaches and gym teachers commonly use them to hang a whistle around their neck as well.

Camps and excursions for kids

Lanyards help team leaders at youth camps to be organized and in control of the children’s whereabouts. They can be used to help identify either the children or the staff, and they can also be used to carry whistles. Although the group leaders will commonly carry a whistle, they are known to be handed out to children as well. This is so if they get lost, they can stay still and blow the whistle until someone comes and finds them. Sort of like communicating from a distance without a phone.

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