If you’re part of any nonprofit, you know that money is hard to come by. Most nonprofit staff and programs get by on the bare minimum. Devoted employees often work longer hours than expected. Effective fundraising and the marketing efforts that go with them are crucial to a nonprofit’s success. But with the seemingly endless fundraising marketing options available today, where to begin? And how do promotional products fit into the grand scheme of things?

The answers lie in branding. A quick look at most items you have, be it your shirt, your pen or your coffee mug, will tell you that almost everything is branded. For more than three decades companies have successfully used branding to deliver and spread their messages. So why shouldn’t your organization do the same?

Nonprofits can easily and adeptly use promotional products to maximize exposure among their target communities and stakeholders. These custom-designed specialty items can boost your brand awareness in the public realm and allow for easy conversation about your organization and its mission.

Compelling promotional merchandise can help your nonprofit achieve many internal and external goals including strengthening relationships, building community, and generating additional revenue. Below you’ll discover the 3 best ways you can use promotional gifts to knock the socks off your community.

1. Promotional gifts acknowledge sponsors and honour donors

fundraising products

Long-term relationships with your supporters and stakeholders form the backbone of any successful fundraising initiative and are an essential component of the long-range success of your organization. Recognize and appreciate your donors, and they will be more apt to commit to you for the long haul.

Show your cherished corporate sponsors gratitude by presenting them with an award or plaque they can proudly display in their office. You can even create an official award ceremony as part of your event. For individual donors, you can show your appreciation through a multi-tiered gift system—using funky tote bags, custom apparel, and stainless steel bottles.

2. Raffles: a great way to generate additional revenue

A well-run raffle with the right prizes can create a buzz around your fundraising event and help you raise a significant amount of cash. Needs and expectations differ among people attending fundraising events. Some may only wish to contribute by making a charitable donation while others might look for more exciting avenues such as taking part in a silent or live auction or entering a raffle for the chance to win something big.

You can generate tremendous fun and excitement for your supporters by sourcing an array of prizes to raffle off. Fantastic prize ideas include vacation getaways, restaurant and spa gift certificates, personalized espresso machines, tickets to sporting events, and anything else you imagine your supporters would adore. (Important note here: check with your local officials to ensure you have permission to conduct a raffle or draw in your area)

3. Show Gratitude and Boost Brand Awareness

Fundraising events are an excellent way to spread your message to new audiences and say a special thank you to existing supporters and volunteers. Choosing the most useful promotional gifts will ensure that your brand and logo get seen by as many eyes as possible. A recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), demonstrated that retention rates improved when individuals received promotional items.

Carry bags, coffee mugs, cool baseball caps, and t-shirts are inexpensive and practical ways to show appreciation to your community for attending your event. Choosing high-quality products is essential to encourage your supporters to wear and use your promotional gifts proudly.

Promotional products are ideal for taking your fundraising event to the next level. These unique gifts can enhance donor relations, hike brand visibility, show appreciation, and increase revenue. Like the gift that keeps on giving, your community will carry your message with them and help you build awareness and goodwill long after your event is over.