Gift-giving is a great way to show gratitude to your clients and be a more memorable vendor. But it’s all about finding the right gift. Many a branded pen or stress ball has been tossed aside without use, and without thinking of the giver. If you’re shopping around, here are a few corporate gift items your clients will actually use and enjoy.

Unique Corporate Gift Items

For a gift your client will remember (so they’ll remember you), try these ideas:

Wireless Charging Stations and/or Power Banks

Everyone could benefit from having some extra battery power in case of an emergency. And if your client has a new iPhone or another device with wireless charging, a charging pad is all about convenience.

These are items your client will see and use often. Just make sure the item works and is compatible with their devices.


Once again, it’s all about utility. Branded coasters could be used at home or at work. Whether your client is enjoying their morning coffee or relaxing with a drink at home, they’ll think of you.

While the coasters should remind the client of you, make sure they don’t look too mass-produced. You want something your client will proudly use when they have company.


By its very definition, a calendar will be used every day. But corporate gift surveys have shown that quality is key. If your calendar looks like a free giveaway from a bank, it won’t cut it.

Choose a sturdy, customized calendar that can be displayed on your client’s desk. For extra points, have your client’s birthday, anniversary, and other special dates noted on the calendar.

High-End Glassware

Glassware is always an appreciated gift, especially if it’s personalized. Try putting your logo on one side and your client’s initials on the other. Choose a unique and fun style your client can enjoy, like martini glasses or pilsner glasses.

With branded glassware, it’s always best to give a set of two or more. This lets your client enjoy a drink with a spouse, friend, or colleague. For an added bonus, fill the glasses with candy or other goodies.

Coffee or Tea

Most people enjoy a hot mug of either coffee or tea. Find out which one your client prefers and look for an appropriate gift set.

Chances are that your client already has all the accessories they need for their favourite drink. Instead, look for sets of various blends and flavours so they can experiment with new varieties.

Tips for Giving Corporate Gifts

The corporate gift items above are ones nearly anyone could enjoy. But whatever gifts you choose, keep these tips in mind:

Add Local Flavour

If your client is nearby, consider adding a local twist to your gift. Local business directories can give you some hints.

Keep it High-Quality

Clients know if you’re giving them a cheap gift, and they’ll feel forgotten or unappreciated. Choose small but high-quality items over larger items you need to skimp on.

Get Personal

Make sure your gift applies to your client. If you’re a small business with few enough clients, choose an individual, personalized gift for each person. If you can’t, have a few options and select the best one for each client.

Your Corporate Gifting Headquarters

Finding the perfect corporate gift items is all about shopping somewhere with quality and variety.

For many more ideas, shop our branded gifts and promotional items.