An employee in Toronto counts down the days to their vacation at the beach with custom printed calendars.

Company Branded Promotional Calendars Can Keep You Top of Mind All Year!

Help make sure that your customers never miss that big event again, whatever it may be – by choosing custom calendars from Dynamic Gift Canada! With branded calendars allowing anyone to easily create an affordable, visually appealing promotional item – it’s no wonder these items are such a popular choice for marketing campaigns, even in today's increasingly paperless world. Help further your brand awareness and kick start the new year with a product that can make an impact all year round – choose promotional calendars for your next advertising campaign!

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Year-round advertising for your business

Creating an imprinted promotional item that can be used in all seasons can be difficult and sometimes expensive, but promotional calendars are a great way to stick with your client year round and remind them of your custom printed message - whatever the weather. From ‘which day is the 2nd on again?’ to ‘when was Thanksgiving supposed to be this year?’ Calendars are something we check regularly to keep organized and this means they can be a powerful promotional tool when branded with your important message. The advertising dream is to create something that will be noticed and remembered and branded calendars are a fantastic way to do this and more.

Using custom printed calendars to increase customer loyalty

Are you looking for a way to say thank you to those who support your company as clients or customers? Creating custom calendars can be a great method to reward those who have helped your company grow. From large purchases to frequent visits or even referrals, expressing your gratitude can be affordable even on a larger scale when you choose custom printed calendars. Or how about giving them out to people new to your business as a show of appreciation that will help them remember who they visited even later in the year when they might otherwise forget. Whatever the reason, creating a custom yet practical item like calendars for your business can be an awesome way to say thank you and increase customer loyalty at the same time.

Creating a practical promotional or resale item for the customer

Whether you are reselling or creating a promotional giveaway, a poorly chosen product is an item that is likely to be ignored or thrown away, meaning your advertising budget gets wasted. The good news is, by choosing an item that is practical and sought after then adding your imprinted message to it is a great way to create a more customer orientated item. Promotional calendars not only do this, but they also appeal to a wide age range and target audience, helping increase your likeliness of sales and usage compared to something with a narrower focus group.

Advertising in the customer’s home or workspace

Unfortunately, you can’t go into people’s spaces and plant your advertising banner as a means of generating attention and interest (or at least the type of attention you have in mind!) A fantastic solution to this is to choose something with a good sized surface area that will have a practical use in the office or home. Branded calendars are a handy solution when looking to create easy to notice advertising that doesn’t come across as unsightly or unwelcome in almost any area. People might not want a poster of your company where they work and eat, but a custom printed calendar is likely to remain for the entire year round!

Contact us to get started on that new year’s promotional item

Whether you are looking for custom calendars in Canada or something you just haven’t seen yet, our calendar has open availability to help you! We offer fast quote times and friendly, professional staff who are ready to get those items off the wish list and into reality. Contact us now and let’s work together to create that next big advertising campaign today!