5 Books That Will Change Your Outlook On Business

5 Books That Will Change Your Outlook On Business

Reading books is something that will never go out of style. Especially when it comes to learning about something like business, or self-improvement. Books allow you to easily see what you are reading inside of your head, which sometimes makes it easier to soak in information. So, you can never read enough books that may improve the way you do business. The times and the way people do things will always change, so there is always going to be something more or something different you can learn that may help your business. Even a small tip or trick that you pick up can sometimes mean a world of difference for your business.

Although you’d be more knowledgeable the more information you soak in, your schedule probably limits the amount of books you have time to read during your spare time. There are a wide range of different types of books aimed at improving the way you do business. However, that doesn’t mean that every single one is worth your time. So you will want to start with a few books that you know will be worth the read. We have put together a list of books that will help you improve the way you have been doing business.

  1. “The Effortless Experience” by Nick Toman and Rick Delisi

Regardless of what type of job you have, customer service is always an important skill to have. At some point, most people will deal with customers and/or clients numerous times throughout the year. So it is imperative for everyone to have good customer service skills. After all, without the customers most of us wouldn’t have a job. “The Effortless Experience” is filled with different tips and tricks that will help improve the most vital part of any business or company, customer service. You can test and repeat each tip that is written in this book, so you can experience the effectiveness of the book first-hand.

  1. “The Ten Faces Of Innovation” by Tom Kelley

This book teaches you to think outside the box and look at things from a whole new perspective. In “The Ten Faces of Innovation”, Tom Kelley shows multiple strategies that will help you rise to success through
creativity, and innovative thinking. This book will show you the benefits and endless possibilities when you keep an open mind.

  1. “The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything” by Stephen M.R. Covey

Trust is everything, in every aspect of your life. When people begin to lose trust in you, the way they look at you begins to change, and they don’t think of you with high respect. If someone was to show their boss and colleagues some untrustworthy behavior, the likeliness of them going anywhere further in that job diminishes. In this book, Stephen M.R. Covey teaches you how build trust with your business relationships, as well as the trickle-down effect it will have on your life as a whole.

  1. “Welcome To The Real World” by Lauren Berger

This book is a good read for anyone in the business and/or corporate world, but it’s an especially good read for beginners. In this book, Lauren Berger helps you cope with the expectations of the real business world, versus somewhat fictional expectations you might have had. One of the things that she mentions in this book is how to be self-learner, self-teacher, and self-starter. This is very important because there are going to be times that you’ll be ‘thrown to the wolves’, so to speak, and the only way out will be for you to figure it out on your own.

I received a promotion once and assumed that I would have extensive training, so I’d know exactly what to do. The reality of it was there were some things I was never even shown, let alone taught how to do. There were a lot of things I had to learn about by myself, and had to make sure I learned how to do a good job of it as well. If I wanted to keep my promotion and prove I could handle it, I had to learn, do, and teach myself. I had to become a self-starter. This book is excellent at helping you cope with curve balls like the ones I have just mentioned.

  1. “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander

This book explains that if you want something you have to go full force and charge it like a strong rhinoceros. Not many people that have achieved great success have done it by staying quiet and meek. Most truly successful people got where they are because they had to be strong, persistent, and went after what they wanted with vigor. This book will build your confidence up and teach you how to charge your goals with persistence and tenacity.