A promotional event is an incredibly effective way of securing sales and growing a business. It is common to hand out promotional products at events and trade shows, however, to ensure you reach the right audience you need to adopt a strategic approach.

Follow our simple guide to success:

1. Widen your focus to pre-event gifting

Don’t overlook the value of using promotional products as an incentive to encourage your target audience to visit your stand at a trade fair or attend your event. Consider offering a promotional product which is desired by your potential client in pre-event promotion, promising it if they attend. This is a strategy which will save you money as you’ll be able to focus your attention on those clients.

2. Think outside the box

It can be easy to fall into a rut and offer the same promotional product year in year out. The main problem with this strategy is you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd. One of the key reasons for using promotional products is they help you to do just that so think outside the box.

3. Choose practical promotional products

It’s not necessarily about choosing the latest products, instead demonstrate that you understand the needs of your client and give them something they will find useful. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and consider what product would solve a problem for them. If you get this right it will make it easier to open a dialogue which has a far greater chance of leading to business. In addition this will also help strengthen existing relationships making repeat business more likely. Importantly, if you have given a product which is truly useful, every time the client uses it they will be reminded of your company, again making a lasting relationship more achievable.