3 Reasons Promotional Products Are Great for Business

Marketing has become increasingly difficult and competitive—from influencer marketing to magazine advertisements and online banners, there’s so much going on in the industry. And yet some continue to use the power of traditional strategies like promotional products. Surprisingly, they’re still successful. Why are promotional products still an incredibly powerful marketing tool? We could think of the following three reasons:

Statistics Favour Them*:

There are several statistics which prove the power of promotional items. A report by the PPAI claims that around 83% of customers like promotional products, especially when they’re useful.  Around 85% of them are likely to do business with the company after receiving a promotional product. More than half the people who have received a promotional product keep it for as long as four years. Around 89% can recall the name of the advertiser even 2 years after receiving the promotional product.

Promotional Products Make People Happy:

Giving gifts is a universal way of showing appreciation and gratitude. Doing so tells people that you value the relationship shared and that you consider them special. In fact, researchers have found that thoughtful items given as gifts make people smile whenever they see them. If you are looking for ways to make your clients happy, consider including useful promotional products for your marketing campaigns. Such gifts bring the human connection back to marketing.

Improves Brand Visibility:

A coffee mug with your brand name or logo is likely to be used around three to four times a day. Considering that the average lifespan of a coffee cup is around one year, can you imagine how many times you’ve managed to get your brand front and center in a person’s day? You are making it easier for the user to remember your brand.

For promotional products like baseballs, t-shirts, and other personalized gifts, the message not only reaches out to the intended audience, but also to a large group of people the interact with. Imagine someone wearing a t-shirt with your brand—every time the person goes out to the supermarket or to pick up the kids from school, hundreds of people are potentially introduced to your brand.

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*View our statistics source here