3 Tips to Remember When Using Promotional Products for Brand Marketing

From bottle openers and coffee mugs to caps and custom lanyards, promotional products are everywhere. Businesses spend millions of dollars every year on promotional items, yet some campaigns fail terribly and even have a terrible effect on the brand. Promotional products are an excellent tool to promote brand identity, but it’s not about what you do rather how you do it. Here are three tips to remember when using promotional products as a marketing strategy:

Understand Your Customers:

No matter how good the promotional product is, people are not going to use it if they don’t want it or believe that they don’t need it. To make a lasting impression, it’s important that you know your customers well — understand their lifestyle and then target them with the right products. For example, if your business is pet care, give away related items like pet-care kits, silicone bowls, water feeders, or even stress relievers shaped like various pets. If you are in a fitness-related business, give away caps, coolers, protein shakers, and wireless chargers. The more customers interact with your brand, the more likely they are to connect with it. In essence, longevity should be a top priority. Wearable products like t-shirts and caps have the largest impact because they not only display the brand prominently, but they also last longer. Some products solve a problem; for example, customers who are constantly on the go need wireless chargers and power banks to stay connected.

Personalize Your Gifts:

Empowered by social media, customers are increasingly aware of what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. They are willing to pay more or wait longer for a customized product rather than settle for something generic. This attitude dictates their expectations for promotional products as well. A personalized product not only grabs user attention but keeps them happy as well. Given the fact that information overload is everywhere around us, personalized products talk directly, commanding our attention. You don’t have to do a lot — writing the client’s name on the product can do the trick! There’s nothing sweeter to the ears than the sound of someone’s name.

Pick the Right Product:

There’s nothing more embarrassing than recalling a promotional product because it is deemed unsafe, insensitive, or impractical. Pick a supplier you trust to deliver high-quality products. This is especially important when selecting promotional products for children. Most importantly, pick a product that’s in line with the purpose of your business and brand identity.

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