You're shopping at your favorite supermarket and an employee offers you a sample of a chocolate bar. You try the bar and love it so much you decide to get one. Did you see what happened there?

They gave you something for free but, we know that wasn't the whole story. They gave you the free sample expecting you to want to buy the chocolate bar. Every time a store does this, they're using the law of reciprocity.

You can apply this to any business. It might come as a surprise. But, using it in marketing with promotional products can take your business all the way to the top.

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Law of Reciprocity: The Basics

The principle of reciprocity is one of the most powerful things in marketing. But, how can you harness it when your business isn't a cookie or a sports drink. You might think that you can't apply the rule of reciprocity when it isn't something a customer can taste.

Yet, that's far from the truth. You can use it to market your services or products. This principle is as simple as giving something expecting something in return.

Yes, you will be giving things to your clients for free. You might think that it will cost you too much.

But, when done right it will make them feel guilty if they go to get a quote from your top competitor. Because they'll recall you gave them something for free.

How Can You Apply This Principle Using Promotional Products?

Promotional products are a great way to apply the rule of reciprocity. We know that when you give products or rewards away it can backfire. If it isn't done right, your clients may see your business as a broken record that's asking them for something.

Deciding what products to give your clients isn't an easy task. You should ask yourself, what makes you different from your competitors? Do you've your own logo or branding?

If your answer is yes, it would be a great idea to feature it on your promotional products. You should also think about what your client wants. You want to give them something that they'll use.

You don't want them to leave it inside their drawer. You want to provide them value. You've to make your client feel special when they receive their promotional products.

An example is how banks give branded portfolios to their business customers. They know these customers will use it in their every day. The bank wants their gift to be a friendly reminder about how the client should go to them for their banking needs.

Also, it will work as a free advertisement for the bank when the clients go to their everyday meetings. At least one of their business partners will ask them about their experience with that bank.

Can You Use the Rule of Reciprocity to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Yes, you can use the law of reciprocity to take your business to the next level. Remember that you should give value to your client. You can do this by offering them free ebooks, promotional products or even samples.

Focus on giving them something of value making your business memorable. If you apply the rule of reciprocity the right way, you'll take your business to the next level in no time.

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