In The Corporate World, Why Should You Give Gifts

In The Corporate World, Why Should You Give Gifts

It hurts people the most when they do not feel valued. You could be a famous movie star, the president of a large company, a stay at home mother, or an ordinary consumer making a purchase – the need to be recognized and receive validation is common for everyone. Here are a few reasons you should give gifts:

People Give Gifts To Make Sure You Remember Them

Sometimes, restaurants pick random customers to offer a free dessert or offer a complimentary dinner when they get to know people are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Or, if you were to attend an exhibition, conference, or staff party, you may be given a souvenir for the occasion. It could be either be something as simple as a pen and notepad or personalized items like custom coffee mugs with lids or custom totes.  They are given to encourage people to remember the event and the giver.

Giving Gifts Creates A Debt

This may be an unpopular opinion, but one that is very true – sometimes, giving gifts creates an imbalance in a relationship. But humans are hard-wired to repay generosity and correct this imbalance. Businesses often give marketing gifts to build goodwill among potential clients with the hope of earning their business. But when you are trying to build goodwill, it is important that you do not expect to get something back in return.

Gift Giving As A Tradition

The tradition of giving gifts during Christmas goes back to the time when the three wise men brought gifts for Jesus. Just as exchanging gifts between family and friends helps people stay connected, giving gifts to employees and clients during the holiday season shows that you are grateful to them and appreciate their role in your business.

So, does this mean the bigger and more valuable the gift, the greater is our appreciation? No! Because, gifts do not appreciate, people do. And when people do not express appreciation, the gift is meaningless. Browse the pages of our site if you would like to give custom gifts to customers and clients.