Giving a potential client a promotional product can be an incredibly useful tool when growing a business, but effective branding has the ability to take you one step further ahead of the competition. There is a perception that it’s a costly exercise but it doesn’t have to be and can deliver unbeatable results. To ensure success, a creative and integrated approach is essential.

Branding is often a missed opportunity as businesses fail to recognise the impact it can have. While it isn’t effective to brand everything in sight, selecting strategic items can deliver a high ROI. A branded product is effectively a billboard for your business so it is vital to get it right. A branded product reflects your business so linking the two is vital, especially when you consider it is likely to be passed around a large number of people and can reach a previously untapped client base.

Branding not only communicates your values, it also has the ability to turn a promotional product into a desired item which will be talked about, and shared.  While you can choose to print your logo on a pen, there is the opportunity to turn that pen into something your target audience will want just by selecting the right message. Study your target audience and choose a message which will resonate with them while ensuring there’s a link with your product or service. Consider how the message appears on the product and don’t overlook the quality as this will have a lasting impression on the recipient. A call to action is vital to ensure high ROI so include contact details somewhere on the product.

Ensuring this message fits within an integrated, strategic marketing campaign will also increase the impact.