Winning business and securing loyalty is undoubtedly challenging. Competing on price is not a sustainable strategy and there are far more cost-effective ways of standing out in a crowded marketplace. For example, giving a corporate gift can succeed where other marketing tools may fail.

A corporate gift is effective as it has the unique power to help build relationships and this can help to boost sales. Importantly, the stronger the relationship, the more likely you are to secure loyalty which is vital for business growth. Initially, a carefully branded corporate gift can ensure your business is noticed as it is difficult to ignore something that’s tangible. One of the key reasons why a corporate gift can deliver high ROI is because it has both short and long term benefits. In the short term it will raise awareness and as a gift is tangible it will stay around reminding the recipient of your brand continually.

 Follow our simple guide to ensure you get it right:

Choose your gift carefully

If you select something which is desired by your target audience it is more likely to be used which will make it hard to ignore.

Ensure the gift is branded

A well branded gift will remind the recipient of your company on a daily basis so is a powerful advertising tool.

Personalize the gift

Personalizing a corporate gift as much as possible will increase its impact, making the client feel valued.


A corporate gift has the ability to impress so don’t overlook presentation as it can increase the perceived value of the gift and encourage the recipient to open it.

Include a hand written note

It’s a simple touch but will ensure your client feels valued and will encourage them to contact you.