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ID Lanyards, 5 Ways to Use Lanyards

ID Lanyards, 5 Ways to Use Lanyards

The Many Ways To Use ID Lanyards

If you were to look at the history of the use of lanyards you will find that they were used by soldiers and sailors in many different ways. Today however, the lanyard is not restricted to military and maritime use! Business organizations have adopted this versatile product in different ways as an important component in their brand promotion strategy. Here are the different ways in which you can use lanyards – for professional and personal applications.

Brand promotion

Every business organization will have to take part in shows and events of various kinds. It is a good idea for a business owner to adopt a lanyard to promote his or her brand and business at events such as:

  • Trade shows.
  • Sponsored events of various kinds and so on.
  • Give to staff to wear your brand.

Ideally, you should be able to customize your lanyard so that it carries the name of your business organization at such events.

Identification badges

Every employee of every organization will need to carry identification badges and cards of various kinds. Lanyards are used to carry such identification tags. Typically, a business owner will invest in different colored lanyards to designate a particular category or level of employee. This makes for easier identification when it comes to security protocols.


Businesses that operate in the space of hospitality and even travel and tourism can benefit by using lanyards as souvenirs and mementos. Such lanyards can be crafted exquisitely from materials such as silk or even recycled fabric. This will allow the business organization to get customers to buy beautiful lanyards as keepsakes.

Educational institutions

Lanyards can also be deployed in various kinds of educational institutions to distinguish between:

  • Administrative staff.
  • Counselors and so on.

This is, once again, a very easy way in which anybody can recognize the individual who is walking about in the educational campus.

Safety ID lanyards

Sellers of ID lanyards will also be able to give you high visibility products which make it easy for an individual who operates under low light conditions or even has to take emergency calls. Reflective lanyards, under such conditions, can go a long way in promoting employee welfare and well-being. You can also choose to go with breakaway lanyards which would be useful for people who operate moving machinery.

To carry objects

Lanyards can also be used to carry different kinds of objects other than identification badges. Access cards, pen drives, whistles for physical training teachers, pens and even small torch lights – all of them can be carted rather safely around one’s neck with the help of a sturdy lanyard. This allows for easy access to the objects that you need to carry and the same time you will not lose any of the items because you would have hung them around your neck!

Finally, you can also use lanyards as mementos to be given away to valued customers, guest speakers and other people in your business ecosystem. If the objective is to create a promotional lanyard, then do be sure to focus on high quality material and printing work too.

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