3 Promotional Products That Remain Popular in Canada

Promotional products are undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of marketing. Small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada spend billions of dollars every year giving away pens, pencils, customized USB cards, and other items imprinted with a logo or brand name. There are several theories about why promotional products work, the art of reciprocity being the main reason. Psychologists have found that when people receive something as a gift, they are honor-bound to return the favor. But not all promotional products are equal—some remain all-time favorites while others are novel ideas you could experiment with to attract your targeted audiences.

A USB Business Card:

USB business cards are now replacing regular business cards. A USB business card is a USB drive that includes your contact details and other information. They can be easily carried in your wallet, and yet they carry plenty of information. USB business cards are more likely to be used, unlike regular cards that can easily be tossed aside and forgotten. They are also a great way to flaunt your environmental credentials: you don’t have to worry about paper being wasted in order to create your business cards.

Eco-friendly Products:

There are plenty of eco-friendly promotional products in Canada that can be used to replace conventional presents. For example, rather than giving away typical pens or pencils, try giving away seed-pens/pencils! These pens/pencils come with a seed in them. After use, you can toss it away, and the pen will eventually disintegrate and become manure for a plant which will grow. Even seemingly simple everyday objects, like lanyards, can be eco-friendly. At Dynamic Gift Canada, we sell a wide range of lanyards, including eco-friendly varieties that are made using both bamboo fiber and recycled PET fiber. People are more likely to relate to eco-positive products such as these, thereby helping you improve your brand’s image.


Even though they’re used quite often, stationery supplies like pens, paper, notebooks, etc. will always remain popular. You can, however, personalize them with your company logo and brand name. Or go a step farther and imprint the name of the person receiving the gift on the product. Nothing makes people happier than seeing their name on pens and papers.

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