Low-Cost Ideas To Promote Your Product Or Service

Producing a typical 30-second ad for a local channel can set you back a lot. If you want them to reach a wider audience, the costs could easily run up a couple hundred thousand dollars. Same for print ads as well! What’s even worse is that if you commit to this, you’ll have to make them regularly to gain visibility. Why choose expensive advertising campaigns if you can get your message with effective and affordable promotional items? We list a few products that are affordable and effective:

Personalized Lanyards

Custom lanyards can be printed with brand colors along with your logo to attach simple giveaways like pens, USB drives, etc. at trade shows, exhibitions, and other events. They are cheap to produce and can be custom made in less than five days. You can also customize them to attract a variety of markets and age demographics.

Pens and Other Writing Instruments

If you want a promotional item that’s affordable, desirable, and truly useful, pens make a lot of sense. With a company logo emblazoned on a pen, people are sure to remember your business. You can even tailor it to match the needs of your intended audience. For example, if you’re trying to impress an environment-conscious audience, try pens made from bamboo or recycled materials.

Air Fresheners

Custom printed car/air fresheners are a perfect marketing gift – they are cheap and useful. You can always buy them in bulk and give them away at a promotional event or exhibition.

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