Embroidered lightweight jackets worn by men and women in Nova Scotia while exercising, travelling, and hiking outdoors.

Custom Lightweight Jackets, Convenience Made Easy by Dynamic Gift!

Whatever the weather, we have the apparel to keep you covered. Our custom lightweight jackets offer protection from the grumpier side of mother nature, without weighing you down. Made from highly durable materials, comfortable yet light - these jackets are the unsung champions of the unpredictable seasons of spring and fall. So, whoever you are looking to keep warm and dry, be it friends, family or employees – our custom logo jackets are available to order today.

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Top 3 reasons to choose custom logo jackets

Quality – That age old saying 'you buy cheap, you get cheap' definitely came from somewhere, but it doesn't apply to us! Our competitively low-priced items come without compromise to their quality. At Dynamic Gift Canada we know poor stitching and inferior materials lead to easily damaged apparel and a waste of your investment. So why not have great pricing and great product quality and choose to shop with Dynamic Gift Canada today?

Appearance – Practical is great, but no one wants to look like a winter potato in their branded jacket! We cover function and fashion and our apparel is flattering without being too cutting edge, meaning your clothing is more likely to stay in style for years to come, giving you more value for your money and the owner less chance of looking dated.

True North Sizing – Choosing to work with our Canadian based company means you are avoiding the pitfall of ordering offshore and getting sizing that doesn't apply to Canada’s standards. What is classed as a medium to us could be anything from XL to XXS when you buy from abroad, and a jacket that doesn't fit is a jacket that won't be used – leaving your logo to gather dust with it. Get the right sizing with us and say goodbye to one of the biggest worries of shopping online there is.

Get ready for the season... most people forget about

No doubt you – like most people you know, already own a 'good winter jacket' filled with down or microfibre, three inches thick and equipped with a hood lined with soft faux fur... Now think of trying to wear that coat in the spring when it's still rainy but also warm and there's a wind but it's also hot and---come on Canada, what is this weather? Humour aside our spring and fall seasons unpredictability creates the need for a jacket that offers protection without weighing us down or overheating the wearer. Our lightweight, custom embroidered jackets offer a solution to this without breaking the bank, meaning the owner no longer has to choose only one benefit from their apparel.

Getting noticed, no matter what the weather!

Creating custom branded T-shirts is great for the summer, but what about when the weather changes and your important message gets hidden? Advertising is a year-round goal, and that’s why at Dynamic Gift Canada we offer custom printed apparel for all seasons. Help make sure you are on the outside for brand visibility even in the cooler months by choosing our stylish, imprinted jackets that come in a range of cuts, styles and colours to stand out or blend in and fit great.

Custom work jackets for your staff or team

Custom printed or embroidered clothing is not only a great way to raise staff morale or team spirit, but also a smart method of getting noticed in the right way. Studies suggest that people make a decision about someone new in only a few seconds, so looking good counts! Creating a smart public image can help raise your brand visibility, as well as create a positive image for your company. So why not give your staff something they will be grateful for and at the same time do some self promotion for your business? Or help your team look more like a team to those who might not yet know you and choose our embroidered custom work jackets.

Working with us

Great quality products aside (because modesty is one thing we don't do) we also have a dedicated, highly skilled team of staff waiting to get your product off the wish board and into reality. With our competitive pricing, fast quote and fast shipping times you can get what you want quickly and affordably - so contact us and get started on showing your competition just exactly who the fashion leader is in these parts, as well as the advertising boss today.