Three women wearing custom fleece jackets in different parts of Canada during the Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Fleece Jackets Branded with Your Logo, Canadian Domestic Shipping

O’ Canada, known for its poutine, it’s friendly people...and it’s winters that seem to last an eternity. Anyone who has been here long enough to experience the dubious joys of shovelling snow or getting drenched running a few steps to the car know how important it is to dress for the season. Now with Dynamic Gift Canada’s custom fleece jackets, shaking that snow shovel at the sky in defiance of winter, or repelling the rain that seems to be targeting only you has never been easier.

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The benefits of fleece

We create many of our custom printed fleece jackets with polyester fleece as our fabric of choice, and when you look at the benefits of this material it’s easy to see why. Polyester fleece is soft, but highly durable. It traps body heat in small pockets of air among the fibres to help keep you warm. It’s moisture resistant and dries quickly, as well as being easy to wash and dry. These properties make it a fantastic choice for any outer layer clothing that may be exposed to mother nature when she’s having a bad day.

Layer up!

Created in the 1980’s and never out of favour since then, fleece combines tough resistance to bad weather with being cozy and comfortable, as well as being highly versatile. Zip up fleeces don’t even have to be the final layer to your outfit. Shirts are too thin for the cooler seasons, and woollen sweaters are very chunky, but custom fleece jackets are often thin enough to fit between the layers, giving added warmth without making outerwear jackets too tight.

Great for all types of businesses

With the ability to add your own embroidered personal design or logo onto our fleece ware, the once humble jacket can instantly be transformed to eye catching in a single move. If your business is based outdoors, or if you have staff that must run out to fetch things, putting on this apparel shows the public who designed such a fashionable article while raising brand awareness at the same time. Combining professionalism with mobile advertising can be difficult but with a zip up fleece you have solution to this, as well as being affordable and practical at the same time.

Function and style in one, a reseller’s dream

By selecting our custom fleeces for your store, you are instantly creating an item that is useful, affordable and visually appealing – and that’s before you even get started on adding your own design to it!

With the option to customize what goes on your fleece you are taking an already great product and transforming it into something that not only promotes your company to others but reminds the owner where they got such a great product in the first place.

With the option for ladies and men’s custom fleece jackets as well as our variety of size options and colours, this is sure to help appeal to a wide customer base as well as creating a winning item for both purchaser and consumer that leaves everybody satisfied.

A gift choice that won’t get a chilly reception

Choosing gifts can be hard, whether they are for personal friends who all have different tastes, or employees who you know only on a business level. Finding something that everyone likes can be time consuming and often, when selecting individual items, expensive.

Embroidered jackets are a great choice simply because it’s fair to say most people don’t enjoy being cold. By selecting this product, you are not only giving a coveted item that will be used frequently, but by designing a custom fleece jacket you are adding that personal touch that can so easily get lost in our busy lives today. Give a gift that won’t get you a frosty reception and choose embroidered fleece jackets.

Working with us

Working with our team won’t leave you in the cold! Whether you are looking for custom jackets in Canada or anything that can be custom printed, say no to winter and yes to great quality, personalized products. Contact us to get started with a free, no obligation quote from our friendly, Canadian based team today!