Custom embroidered insulated jackets worn for skiing and other outdoor activities in Whistler, British Columbia.

Order Custom Insulated Jackets at Canada's Most Competitive Prices

Canada is cold! You know it, visitors quickly learn it and even our dreaded Canadian geese get out of town for winter. Unfortunately, since most of us have to stay put, we are simply left with finding ways to make it less uncomfortable. Good winter apparel is sought after and treasured, meaning custom insulated jackets in Canada are a great advertising, gifting or resale choice for any location that turns cold – which over here, is everywhere!

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Generate some envy – ‘where did you get that jacket?’

Getting people talking about your logo or message is every company’s dream but generating interest can be difficult as we are constantly bombarded by products and advertising to the point of overload. One way to help get yourself noticed is to place your logo on an item that is likely to be desired by others and what better item for the colder months than a custom winter jacket?

Why appearance matters in business

Looking professional can mean the difference between a sale or nothing or successful networking Vs someone throwing your card away when you leave. This is because even before people listen to your words, they are judging the person doing the talking.

Yet in this ever more flexible world wearing a suit isn’t always practical. If you are outside running an event in winter, then all you will get for dressing traditionally smart is a good case of frostbite. This is why custom winter jackets are such a great choice to look professional and stay warm at the same time. So, whether you are an outdoor based company, or even outside now and then, purchasing custom printed jackets can help the public view you as a reputable and established company they can rely on.

The benefits of practical custom products

Creating something that will remain in use and needs to suit a wide target audience range can be difficult. If even one of your products are left forgotten or worse, discarded, that’s money you have invested thrown away with it. With that in mind, who doesn’t love great quality, comfortable, yet practical attire like a jacket? Custom winter jackets are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to create a promotional product that will be used for years to come, keeping your logo out on display where it needs to be.

Why being on the outside isn’t always bad!

Tee shirts and wristbands are great for the summer months but when the cold weather strikes, we also get stuck with more difficulty in useful advertising. Getting noticed can be tricky when your customers bury your product under a dozen layers of clothing, so why not make sure you are on the layer that gets seen by not only the wearer but the public too.

Great for resale

You don’t have to be running a ski lodge to consider reselling our winter apparel. With the option to custom brand your logo onto our jackets you can easily create an item to suit almost any business, as well as adding the personal touch that people love. With almost every location experiencing cooler weather where we need to bundle up, custom embroidered jackets are a smart investment that come with the bonus of being unique to your company, creating something unique and appealing that is tailored to you and your customers at the same time.

Inclusive styles and sizing

One size fits all – have we ever really heard a saying that instantly conjures up so much doubt, not to mention half a dozen stories of where it wasn’t true? That’s why we offer a wide range of sizes on multiple products from XS to 4XL. In addition to this we offer different styles to better cater to different body shapes, style preferences and intended uses. In short, our company tries its very best to give you what you had in mind, instead of you having to choose from.

Contacting us

Working with us won’t leave you feeling chilly, especially if you are looking for custom jackets in Canada! We have a personal, dedicated team who offer fast quotes, fast shipping and excellent attention to detail. If you want someone who knows the value of a warm jacket in winter then your fellow Canadians are experts, so why not contact us today to get started?