A couple wearing custom soft shell jackets on a walk, and two men with soft shell jackets while hiking and running in Canada.

Order Custom Softshell Jackets with Canada's Fastest Turnaround Times

What is a softshell jacket? To put it simply, it’s a jacket for when you need that extra layer or for when you just don’t want to be stuck wearing something that will weigh you down! Light, yet wind resistant and water repellant, this type of jacket is perfect for a boost in winter under your regular clothes, or to keep that spring and fall weather away. So, if you are looking for branded clothing that is flexible, durable and above all, popular, then look no further than our custom softshell jackets available from Dynamic Gift Canada!

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Why choose softshell jackets?

Do you want a winter coat or T-shirt to wear when you go out today? No, you can’t have both – you have to choose, and we have no idea what the weather will be like! Sounds a little extreme, doesn't it? Which is why printed softshell jackets are undoubtedly so popular with the public. A great solution to that tricky sliding weather scale and to fill the need for something a little extra without being bulky, it's easy to see why this custom embroidered jackets have never been out of style since their creation over fifteen years ago – now that’s a long time in fashion!

Top 3 benefits of custom softshell jackets

Breathable – Our softshell jackets are made of good quality materials give protection without quickly overheating you. A jacket not being used is money wasted for the purchaser and advertising that’s not living up to its potential, so getting the right matters and with us you can do that with ease.

Lightweight – Unlike many jackets, our soft shells are neither bulky nor heavy. With so many people using printed softshell jackets as an extra layer, or to wear for exercise outdoors the importance of having greater mobility and comfort to the wearer is a key feature, and our products balance comfort and durability at the same time.

Weather protection – Keeping you warm or dry outside are the ultimate goals of any jacket, but poor-quality materials and even zippers can let the wind and rain in. By choosing our custom embroidered jackets you are getting fantastic base materials to build your custom design on and helping get your logo or slogan associated with the quality it deserves.

What’s that on your jacket?

Placing your branded custom logo on any clothing is a great way to get noticed and a custom softshell jacket is no exception! The logo is near eye level and easy to notice and with even light jackets often being the final layer of clothing, they come with the added bonus of your message being less likely to be covered up. Custom embroidered jackets not only look great but make awesome conversation starters as well as providing a fantastically affordable solution to long term advertising. Get noticed and get people talking about what’s important to you today with these great custom printed products from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Why good clothing matters even in advertising

It’s easy to think ‘well I’m not going to be the one wearing it, so what does it matter?’ when it comes to marketing and even resale, but in truth - it affects your company as much as the wearer. By putting your image or slogan onto an inferior item you are creating an association with the owner that your company is less valuable, uncaring and even less trustworthy. Everyone wants their business to be reviewed positively both online and in social situations and having a great product from our custom printed apparel range can make the difference from ‘where did you get that?’ to ‘where did you get that?’ Get the positivity you deserve and help create happy, satisfied staff or customers – choose from our great selection today!

Great for resale!

Creating something to sell in store can be tricky, and generally speaking - the more people you can appeal to, the better for you and your sales! So, with that in mind, why not consider our stylish yet practical printed softshell jackets? With a range of colours and styles you can target a wider audience and customer or reseller, who couldn’t benefit from a good embroidered jacket?

Consider for a moment how many people go on a day trip and the weather changes on them, it’s probably happened to you as well! When unfortunate situations strike, no one wants to have a heavy jacket to carry around all day, so something lightweight is a great marketing tool! Or maybe the customers are shopping and want something practical that won’t take up the entire car on the trip home to remember their day out? Whatever the product’s purpose, if you’re looking for a reliable supplier to custom print apparel, Dynamic Gift is the clear choice!