Open face edge ID holder

Open face edge ID holder

Open face edge ID holder

This ID card carrier is designed with a three edge security edge clip that enables the ID card to be held in place. The clips are released from the base of the card holder and the ID is easily placed under the clips. It can be used for any security identification as well as staff identification display. It is lightweight and can be worn easily around the neck if needed with an attached ID card string. It is a great card organizer as well in the sense that it can be used for other card carriage. It has an open front feature that enable easy view of ID details. 

The open face edge ID holder is really exciting as it has an open face, allowing for quick removal of ID, and also interchanging for different staff. This makes them reusable, helping cut costs as you will not need to purchase new ID-holders for every staff or for every event you host. Order your FREE sample today

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