People use colourful promotional umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain in Ontario, Canada during the fall.

Custom Printed Everyday Umbrellas, Golf Umbrellas and Ponchos!

Say goodbye to those rainy marketing blues with custom branded umbrellas and promotional ponchos! These handy products come out when the clouds roll in and other swag gets stowed away and this means your message has the chance to shine – even in the gloom. With custom printed umbrellas being so large in size, you can boldly display your slogan or logo over the heads of the crowd without the need for large billboards and expensive alternatives. Give clients a handy way to stay dry at golf events, outdoor festivals or daily errands and help your message stay in their minds, whatever the weather. Don't let your brand awareness wash away into nothing, contact us about promotional umbrellas and branded ponchos today!

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Are Custom Umbrellas Worth It?

When it comes to finding a promotional item, there certainly are a lot of choices out there! While this is great for variety, finding something that really brings value to your marketing campaign can be tricky. Promotional umbrellas might sound like a quirky imprinted branded option for your event, but did you know they have a surprising number of hidden benefits? Check out our list below for some of the key benefits of branded umbrellas in bulk!

  • Custom Printed Umbrellas Have a Large Surface Area for Branding! Going big when it comes to print dimensions means your message can be read further away, but we can't all afford to rent a billboard. The good news is that custom logo umbrellas offer wide print areas for all types of messages and designs. With their place above the heads of the crowd, getting your message noticed in the crowd could be easy to achieve. Create brand envy and help generate interest for what matters to your business on something large, easy to carry and portable that keeps the user dry and your logo on display.
  • Create Long Lasting Promo Items with Imprinted Umbrellas Custom printed umbrellas offer your business a longer lasting promotional item for your marketing campaign. Although they can be used daily, umbrellas are here to stay and this means more value for your brand awareness. Giving your clients a promotional product with a purpose that keeps your message close to hand on an item that could be used every time the weather turns gloomy? That sounds like great marketing potential to us and might help explain why customized umbrellas are a popular choice for a wide variety of businesses.
  • Don't Let the Gloom Hide Your Important Message! Summer fun is great for promos, but what about when the sun vanishes? Will your message still be on display when flying discs and sunglasses are stowed away? Corporate umbrellas branded with your slogan could be a great way to keep your message out where it needs to be when the skies turn grey. We all know that Canada's weather can be a little uncertain even during the warmer months but if you choose imprinted umbrellas, you could make the most of the gloom and your brand visibility all at once.

Corporate Umbrellas with Logos Keep People Dry and Messages On Display

Whether we are dressed in our best for formal events, business casual for work, or running to the grocery store in our sweats – no one wants to get caught in a downpour. Giving your clients a handy way to keep clothing protected from the rain in Canada's uncertain weather climate could transform your promotional item into a treasured everyday essential. Provide staff with an easy solution to stay dry on commutes and errands. Wherever your custom promotional umbrella for businesses travels to, your message will go too and that means the chance for great brand visibility – whatever the weather.

Custom Golf Umbrellas for Brand Awareness on and Off the Course

Golf might be a popular pastime in Canada but the rain can certainly put a damper on things if you are unprepared. Fortunately imprinted golf umbrellas are here to help your team stay dry and enjoy their time out. With their large coverage area and size, these umbrellas offer a handy canopy to hide from the rain beneath and a large print area for your message on the outside. Whether you are a spectator or a player, a little drizzle does nothing to add to your day and custom logo golf umbrellas offer shelter for clients both on and off the course.

What's Your Style of Custom Umbrella? Find it Here!

Every style of branded umbrella comes with its own set of perks and benefits, so what appeals to your needs? Choose from custom logo umbrellas with auto-open and close designs. Browse our selection featuring ergonomic grips for extra comfort and use. Go large with brand visibility and size when you select imprinted golf umbrellas. Whatever you need, if you don't see it here we might still be able to get it! Contact us today about your custom logo umbrellas in bulk. We can't say goodbye to rainy days but we can give your brand the chance to shine on a great quality promotional product.