People relax and enjoy the outdoors in Canada with custom logo picnic blankets and beach blankets.

Custom Logo Picnic & Outdoor Blankets

Why would you keep your logo or message hidden away out of sight in the office when you could send it with clients on their next big outdoors adventure? Promotional picnic and outdoor blankets are perfect for a huge range of fun activities from relaxing at the beach to staying comfortable at an outdoor festival! With branding styles ranging from full colour print to classic debossing, you can create a custom logo outdoors blanket that is personalized, durable and easy to carry. So go ahead, choose something that has the potential to draw attention wherever it travels, working hard for your business and your client at the same time, and select custom outdoor blankets today.

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When it comes to the great outdoors, we might all love it but there’s no doubt that the discomforts that can come with it certainly reduce our fun and being too cold could be at the top of this list. The damp grass...the cold air, these are not things we want featured in our next picnic or crucial sporting event, but they sometimes show up uninvited anyway! The good news is though that this means that outdoor blankets could be the perfect place for your custom message. Creating promotional outdoor blankets doesn’t just help clients stay warm and cozy on their adventures, it can be a powerful marketing tool for your business too.

Are your clients going on an adventure? Custom logo outdoor blankets can help you tag along!

Let's be honest, it would be a bit weird to follow your customers on their leisure activities or to sporting events, but out of sight really can mean out of mind when it comes to business, especially when travelling or away from home. When you create something that can be used outdoors like custom branded picnic blankets you are giving your branding a chance to travel with them on an item they could really use and that sounds like great advertising potential to us. With so many blankets being easy to carry like our picnic blanket range that can be folded into a carry case-style with a convenient handle, taking your business with them doesn’t have to be a chore when you choose the right product for that next perfect getaway or adventure.

The value of promoting rest and relaxation.

Sometimes it's simply time to unwind and have fun and all good businesses know the importance of promoting time for their staff and clients to enjoy either by themselves or with friends and family. Custom printed outdoor blankets are a great tool for promoting the essential culture of work-life balance and simply saying “thank you for your hard work, this is to help you enjoy your leisure time”. With so many choices you can even cater to more specific needs and interests including hiking, camping or picnics!

“I wish I had that custom imprinted outdoor blanket!” How envy could help your branding.

Giving the gift of a more comfortable outdoor experience is not only beneficial to your clients, but it could also be great for your business too! Poor quality blankets and throws are often made from thin, badly woven materials and in short − they let the cold in like it's an additional welcome guest. By choosing something made with care to place your branding on you are keeping the owner of your product warmer, cozier, and ultimately happier. This means that anyone not sitting huddled in a lesser quality item (or without one at all!) is likely to be more than a little jealous of your custom branded outdoor blanket and ask where it came from, and this can mean great marketing potential for your business.

Multiple branding and style options for that extra personalized touch.

From embroidery to print to deboss, custom logo picnic and outdoor blankets offer extra versatility on an already versatile product. Maybe you are dreaming of creating something that is the very essence of Canada with a plaid embroidered blanket, or perhaps something sophisticated and modern with a full colour print that really stands out. Whatever you are looking for, with the range of blankets and branding options we carry, there’s almost certainly something for your needs. Why not check out our awesome range of promotional picnic and outdoor blankets today and find the perfect companion for your clients’ next outdoor event!