How using branding will set your event apart from the rest

Many of your potential clients / customers will visit a vast number of events so to ensure you fulfil your business goals you’ll need to utilize every tool available to stay ahead of the competition.

Including promotional products in your event plan can be a strategic way of increasing the impact of your event both on the day and in the weeks and months afterwards. As with any marketing activity remember to keep it simple and ensure you identify your goals before you draw up an event plan. It may seem obvious but matching your goals to the promotional products you choose will affect your success.

There are two important factors to consider, the event branding and the promotional products given out at the event.

The event branding:

Choosing high quality branding and merchandise throughout the event will help to create a positive, lasting impression. For example, it can be tough choosing between feather, standing or teardrop flags. It is also difficult to know if it’s worth using a vinyl or polyester banner or whether it’s more effective to invest in pull up banners. Choosing a trusted supplier of promotional products will ensure you’re able to make the right choices which will maximize the success of the event.

Free promotional gifts:

At any event it is important to send the attendee home with something, and selecting the right product can be challenging. Importantly, ensure whatever you give away is actually used and not discarded. The more the product is used, the more the attendee will be reminded of your brand and are more likely to do business with you. A trusted supplier of promotional products will offer you advice and ensure the products you select are high quality which is vital in creating a positive, lasting impression.

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