Order Custom Printed Notebooks, Branded at Competitive Canadian Prices

We offer a complete range of printed journals and notebooks at highly affordable prices. Some of our most popular options include synthetic leather look, vinyl hard cover, and genuine leather options. Talk to our team today for a quick written quote which includes all setup, branding and delivery straight to your doorstep!

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  1. Duke Spiral Notebook
    Duke Spiral Notebook
    Priced from $2.04 to $2.65
  2. A blue journal with a white logo next to a natural coloured sticky note set with a blue logo and a blue silicone cellphone sleeve with a white logo next to that
    Organization Bundle
    Priced from $7.49 to $8.39
  3. Oceanscape Junior Notebook
    Oceanscape Junior Notebook
    Priced from $4.65 to $7.22
  4. five recycled jotter and pen sets with black print
    Recycled Jotter & Pen
    Priced from $2.32 to $3.42
  5. A terra cotta bound JournalBook with a pen attacked to the side and a debossed logo on the front
    Pedova Bound JournalBook
    Priced from $15.03 to $18.95
  6. A black leather writing pad with a debossed logo on the front
    Manhattan Writing Pad
    Priced from $62.98 to $79.37
  7. Scripto Journal
    Scripto Journal
    Priced from $4.98 to $6.28
  8. Ambassador Carbon Fiber JournalBook
    Ambassador Carbon Fiber JournalBook
    Priced from $13.67 to $17.22
  9. Stratford Writing Pad
    Stratford Writing Pad
    Priced from $26.43 to $33.30
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Items 1-12 of 37

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Ever been in a hurry to write something down before it escapes your head, but had nothing to write on? Do you write it on a handy napkin only to realize later you have thrown it in the trash by mistake? Or maybe on your hand but by the time you go to read it half the information has smudged off? What did it say? Was that important meeting at 9 today or tomorrow? Do you try guessing the missing digits of that crucial phone number only to dial pizza places, veterinary surgeries and then someone else’s grandma? Say goodbye to lost information with one of Dynamic Gift Canada’s custom printed notebooks!

Organization – the key to success

Running your own company and tired of constantly reminding your staff, only to watch their eyes glaze over as they nod enthusiastically, knowing the information has drifted out of their heads as soon as you leave? Again. With a branded writing pad there can be no more excuses! Help promote organization and productivity with this low cost purchase whose usefulness virtually limitless!

Whatever option you choose – having your company logo placed on this highly portable product means this handy item is likely to go from the office, to home, to coffee meetings and more. Customized journals can raise brand awareness, making them a smart, low cost advertising tool for your business!

Not just for the office!

Both journals and notebooks are on trend again! No longer the crusty reminder of school days gone by or the exclusive property of executives – with beautiful stationery once again a sought after item by all ages, and calligraphy growing in popularity, a custom printed writing pad is a great investment as it is sure to be a hit with your customers. Our branded notepads come in a huge variety of sizes, materials and designs to appeal to a wide range of lifestyles and needs, rather than just a select few.

Writing in style!

We all know it’s often the little details that make a big difference, and choosing a product to suit your target audience can be tricky – which is why Dynamic Gift offers dozens of options on notepads and journals alone! Choose what is right for your customer from our huge selection today. How about a debossed look for a stylish yet professional appearance for your staff? Having a positive impression can make or break the deal at those important meetings. Or how about one of our vibrant printed options for high visibility and visual impact, perfect for crowded spaces or busy conference events. We even have an eco-conscious option featuring a recycled cover and matching recycled barrel pen – a fantastic choice if you want to show your customers that not only do you understand their needs, but you are an environmentally responsible business too!

A great purchase at a great price!

Here at Dynamic Gift Canada purchasing our custom printed notebooks doesn’t mean finishing off your chequebook! We value all customers, large and small so not only do we offer a low price guarantee, but we also offer a wholesale discount to resellers – passing on those vital savings that can make all the difference to your business. Combined with our varied minimum order quantities, this means we are more likely to have what you need, in the amount you need, and at a fantastic price too! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get your customers writing about how great your investment, maybe even your business – really is!