Employees and students in Canada use their custom printed journals and notebooks to write notes at home and in the office

Canada's Best Source for Promotional Spiral Notebooks Custom Printed with Your Logo

Machines might be taking over, but we still need to write things down and using a laptop or computer isn’t always the easiest way! Company branded notebooks and promotional journals remain popular items for a wide age range so choosing them to add your own custom printed message can be a smart marketing move for almost any business or promotional campaign. So, if you are looking for an item for your business that is practical, easy to design and highly affordable why not consider promotional spiral notebooks by Dynamic Gift Canada!

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The benefits of choosing spiral notebooks to raise brand awareness

Custom journals are not only a highly practical item for giveaways or resale, they make great advertising tools too! They have a good sized space to place your imprinted message and with a flat surface it is easy to read, even at a glance. They are long lasting (unless you take tons of notes really fast!) and easy to transport - meaning they are likely to stay with their owner and be used in a variety of places, helping raise awareness about the message that matters to you.

What makes spiral notebooks so useful?

Ring bound notebooks have been a popular item for years, both for marketing campaigns and personal use and part of this is to do with their simple yet highly practical design. If you take a book, a notebook, or anything that is traditionally bound and open it you see that opening it fully is tough - and writing all the way to the inner sides of the pages can be nearly impossible. Spiral books rings allow the pages to be fully opened and flipped over, creating a page surface that can be used more fully and allowing you to keep your place with ease. With this easy to use design it’s easy to see why promotional spiral notebooks have become a hit with everyone from serving staff to students and are likely to remain that way for years to come.

‘I know I wrote it down somewhere’ - how custom notebooks help organization

It’s happened to almost all of us. We were so sure we couldn’t possibly make a mistake and lose that piece of paper we hurriedly wrote our important notes on. Now it’s gone and who can remember an entirely new phone number or an unfamiliar address off the top of their head? Was that meeting on the east or the west side? We are only human and retaining all the information we need is almost impossible, but without a handy place to write it down it’s all too easy to lose those notes into the void. Custom journals provide a great solution for better organization, keeping those vital notes all together and best of all, their owner not having to lean awkwardly on whatever is nearby to write something down. With their stylish design, lightweight portability and ease of use, branded ring bound notebooks are a great solution to a more organized, less stressful lifestyle!

How company branded notebooks help create a more professional image

From security risks, to space issues to being unable to take it across town to that meeting due to weight or company policy, sometimes that trusty company laptop just can’t be there to take notes on. Bringing sheets of loose leaf paper not only looks unprofessional but can be difficult to keep in order (and let’s be honest, rustling about when it’s quiet can be quite an embarrassing distraction) but we still need to take or read from our notes. Company branded notebooks provide a great solution for our jotting needs and look professional at the same time, helping boost the credibility of your business's image to the outside world. Custom printed journal books are great for making connections and exchanging information if you don’t have business cards to hand and looking good is about more than vanity. A company that has a reputable and professional appearance is more likely to get sales, make connections and get ahead in business than one with poor tools and no branding. So, with that in mind, consider custom printed journal books for your business and promotional needs – contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada today, and let’s get started!