Custom sticky notes and notepads in various colours used to promote and encourage organization at the office during meetings and in personal work environments.

Custom Branded Sticky Notes & Sticky Notepads Canada

Sticky notes may be found everywhere a person goes. An individual may get on a bus to go across town and visit a friend and see a sticky note on a window in the bus. Visit a co-worker's cubicle and one or more notes may be found in various locations. While these are tiny examples of how sticky notes are used, they all serve a greater, bigger cause. And that's building your brand awareness. Get your message on our promotional sticky notepads and people will never forget your company again!

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Why choose custom printed sticky notes?

They are used at home to make grocery lists or remind a family member of an appointment they have and in an office to hold an appointment reminder or highlight an important part of a document. Imagine having a company's brand on each of these notes. This business would get a great deal of exposure when this is the case. Printed sticky notepads, as a result, should be a promotional product every company considers investing in.

Custom sticky notes can be made to fulfill the needs of the customer to ensure their brand obtains the desired level of exposure. Some companies simply wish to have their names and phone numbers printed on the notepads, as this provides more room for users to add a note to the pad. Other businesses, however, find they benefit from adding an image or a URL. The goal is to ensure the maximum visibility for the company, thus what to include on the notepad becomes a personal decision. This is due to the fact nobody knows a business and its consumers more than those who work for the business.

Bigger isn't always better

Obviously, size plays a matter in what can be included on the notepad. Although brand exposure is a priority when selecting promotional products, there needs to be enough room on the notepad for the user to jot down what is important to him or her. Square and rectangular notes remain extremely popular, as they provide this space. In addition, companies may choose a pad that includes notes, sticky pads, and paper all in one convenient unit, and this is only one of the many products available today.

Printed post it notes offer one major benefit over many promotional products available today. They never outlast their usefulness. As long as there is one sticky note left on the pad, the user won't throw it away. Thus, brand exposure can continue for weeks, months or years, depending on how often the consumer uses notes of this type. This is an item a recipient wants to keep on hand, as the notes are extremely versatile and can be used for so many purposes. This also helps to boost brand awareness for the business.

Highly affordable but still highly promotional

Thankfully, paper remains fairly cheap, and choosing to invest in printed sticky notes won't overwhelm a company's marketing budget. When choosing any promotional product, companies need to consider many factors. This includes the amount of brand exposure they will receive thanks to the item, the cost, and the value to the user. Custom sticky notes meet a company's expectations and often exceed them in each of these areas and do so at a reasonable price. In fact, companies may find this is their preferred promotional product as it does offer so many benefits.

There are times when a sticky note is more than is needed. For this reason, companies may now want to consider ordering sticky note pads that come with flags. The flags are great for those times when a certain portion of a document needs to be highlighted or a specific date needs to be remembered on a calendar. A traditional sticky note is often too big in these situations, as they cover other important portions of the document or calendar. When the flags come as part of a promotional sticky note pad, the company gets the brand exposure they desire and the consumer gets an item that truly adds value to their life. Therefore, consider all sticky note options to find the one that is right for the company's needs.