Printed Promotional Towels & Custom Branded Towels Canada

There are all sorts of ways to use promotional products to make an impact. Business owners understand that the best products are not just eye-catching, they serve a useful purpose while also keeping the name of the company in front of potential customers. One approach that could be new to the owner is the design and use of Promotional towels as part of a gift hamper or a 'thank you' item. Below are a few of our most popular towel styles, they range from simple designs that accept your logo embroidery or a completely dye sublimation printed towel with graphics, gradients and photo images. If you are unsure at any stage just contact us!

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Sponsoring a Sporting Event

There's the chance to be a sponsor at an upcoming sporting event. Along with having the company name appear in a program, and maybe even a banner somewhere on the field, what if each of the players was equipped with a towel customized with the company logo and other information? There will be all sorts of photo opportunities for television cameras to focus in on the players while they are using the towels to wipe their faces or clean their hands. That amounts to a considerable amount of publicity for the business.

Another way to include the towels in a sponsorship plan is to have enough on hand to give to the first couple of thousand people who show up for the event. All they have to do is present their tickets and they get to choose between whatever colours the sponsor has supplied. Think about having more than just one colour on hand so people do have several to consider. As long as the colours don't clash with the hues used for the customization, they will all look great. Remember to have someone mark the back of the ticket so attendees can't keep coming back and collecting more towels.

Something to Give Away at a Trade Show

One of the things people love about trade shows is that they have the chance to meet many vendors and suppliers and pick up some great free items while they're there. It does pay to have some giveaway items that people expect to see, like note pads and pens. Along with those traditional items, why not include some custom printed towels in the mix? Have the towels embroidered with the company logo and slogan on one side and contact information on the other. They'll be something different from what everyone else is offering and drive more traffic to the booth. More traffic translates into the chance to talk with more people and begin to establish a rapport that leads to new customers.

Keep in mind that the towels don't have to be the traditional rectangular shape. Take some cues based on the profiles of people who are likely to attend the event. For example, if many of the attendees will be participating in a golf tournament as part of the trade show activities, why not have the towels customized to resemble huge golf balls? There will still be plenty of room to include the promotional details, and the whimsical shape will capture even more attention.

Supporting a Cause

There's to be a special rally for a particular cause in a few weeks. Many organizations rely on things like tee-shirts to spread the word and attract more people to this type of event. While that does work, why not go with something a little different?

Consider opting for embroidered towels that tell something about the rally. The detail can include the name of the event, something specific about the cause, and information about where and when to gather. Use hand towels for the publicity, but also order plenty of bath towels with the same information. Those can be supplied to speakers and sponsors for the event. There will even be a way to work in the idea of towels into the rally as being symbolic of wiping away a social ill or providing a way to overcome whatever rains on victims directly affected by the social ill addressed at the rally.

The idea of custom towels can be worked into all sorts of event planning. All it takes is a little imagination and the event will be one that is talked about throughout Canada and other places. Take the time to learn more about how to come up with the right shape and general design, how many to order, and the best way to distribute them before and during the event. After trying this approach once, it'll be easy to see how the towels can be utilized in other ways.

Promotional towels are great at company picnics

Employees and their families often consider free promotional products and branded door gifts a given when attending company events. They may not even realize that while they are enjoying those free gifts, they are also helping their employers to market their products and services more effectively. Unfortunately one person can only wear so many baseball caps. That's why it's time to get a little bit more innovative with company picnic gifts.

Something different, yet highly usable to the recipient

Promotional Towels can help to break the monotony of pens, notepads, and sun visors. Unlike the majority of promotional items, they can be used repeatedly and last for years. It's absurd how many small, and ultimately not very useful, branded gifts end up in the garbage instead of going on to increase a company's customer base. There is little chance of a towel ending up in the trash, particularly once it has been customized with a well-designed and attractive company logo.

Using towels as a promotional gift at company picnics or other summer-themed events will encourage guests to associate the logo with a pleasant day spent out in the sun with family and friends. If the towels are made of high-quality, comfortable, and durable materials, they can end up accompanying recipients to beaches, pools, water parks, and other recreational locales throughout the summer months and beyond.

Good branding at affordable prices

Subtle exposure to a company's logo while relaxing in the sun with friends, or watching the kids at play, can help form positive associations in the minds of future clients and customers. Think of it like brand placement in a movie except, instead of only seeing a product flash briefly across the big screen, potential customers will be exposed to the company logo, motto, or design repeatedly throughout the day.

Bulk personalized towels are inexpensive to buy online but, for the price, they can make an incredible impact. Customers, clients, and employees rarely receive a branded pen or bandana and think to themselves, “oh, this is just what I needed.” The same can't be said for towels that, instead, come off as a thoughtful gift. Why not get in touch with a professional designer today?