Left photo; two young girls laughing and sharing a beach towel, middle photo; a young girl wrapped in her beach towel after swimming at the pool, right photo; a woman enjoying some sun at the beach while laying on her towel

Go Ahead and Make a Splash with Custom Beach and Rally Towels!

Make a splash with your custom branding when you choose imprinted pool and beach towels! These useful products come with multiple materials including microfibre, and cotton terry options. Getting your logo onto something useful and easy to notice at the pool or the beach could be a great way to help raise awareness for your business! Looking for something away from the water? Branded rally towels are here to cheer your brand and your favourite team on! With so many colour options all just waiting for your design there's no reason for your brand to be dry and boring! Start browsing today.

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Go Large with Custom Branded Beach Towels!

Are you looking to make an impact with your brand visibility? Promotional pool and beach towels could be the perfect solution! These handy products offer a huge surface area for your custom design, helping your brand draw attention even from a distance. This means your message could be noticed at crowded pool sides or spacious beaches! Go the distance when it comes to custom design, go big and bold for branding and choose imprinted beach and pool towels for your promotion.

What is a Custom Printed Rally Towel?

You might be familiar with custom logo beach towels and general towels, but what is a promotional rally towel? These products are designed for use at festivals and large-scale outdoor events like car races and sporting events. Easy to tuck into back pockets – rally towels can be whipped out to wave and cheer on your team or favourite racer! A versatile and cheerful product that could be ideal for sporting occasions or wherever there is a crowd.

What's the Difference Between Branded Beach Towels and Generic Towels?

You have almost certainly seen both types, but what separates a beach or pool towel from a bath towel? Printed towels for the beach are usually made of less absorbent material than their indoor counterparts. This means they dry out faster (Which is great news because no one wants to carry a soggy, heavy towel around with them while they are outdoors!) They are also usually larger – giving you more surface area to sit on and unwind. In short, they are designed with outdoor use in mind!

Cheer on Your Team and Your Brand with Promotional Rally Towels!

Custom logo rally and sports towels might look small compared to custom logo beach towels for branding, but they are still powerful marketing tools! With branded sporting towels designed to be waved, flapped and held up, your product could easily draw attention, even in the crowd. Getting your design onto something used for sports events and race rallies could be a great way to advertise to hundreds of people, even on a budget.

What Types of Branding are Available for Custom Beach and Rally Towels?

There are multiple branding options for your towels available, but which is the best choice for your needs? Below we have simplified some of the key benefits (and potential disadvantages) for each style available! Still not sure? Message our staff – we are happy to help!

  • Custom Embroidered Beach Towels: The most lasting of all branding for towels, embroidery offers a durable way to help keep your message looking fresher for longer. Unlike print, embroidery won't fade or rub away, making it a great choice for long-term branding solutions. The potential downside is, of course, the smaller surface area for custom logos.
  • Promotional Printed Towels: Adding screen print to branded beach and rally towels give you the benefit of choosing larger surface area options for print areas or multiple location options. The potential drawback to this branding option is that over time with use, the print can crack and fade. This makes screen print a less popular option for long-term branding solutions but still a valid option for short-term promotions!
  • Dyesub Branded Custom Towels: The most popular of custom logo options, custom dye sublimation offers a vibrant and lasting method to get your logo onto fabrics like beach and rally towels. While not as lasting as embroidery, this choice gives you a larger surface area, helping your business enjoy the benefits of larger sizing options for your branding.

Promotional Pool Towels are for More than Just the Beach!

We might love imprinted beach towels, but did you know that they are for more than just drying off at the beach? You can take these useful products on the go to the park, to outdoor concerts, to sports events and more! With versatility comes more opportunities for your message to be out on display, helping raise brand awareness for your business and give you more value for your promotion.

Get Your Message into the Sun with Custom Pool and Rally Towels!

Who wants their message to sit indoors, unnoticed and forgotten while everyone else is enjoying the Canadian summer? Indoor promotional products are great, but what about when everyone moves outdoors? Custom pool and beach towels offer a way for your business to enjoy summer fun, even if you are still working! Whether you choose quality bulk-printed beach towels or personalized rally towels for sports teams – getting your message into the spotlight, or in this case, sunlight, matters. Get in touch today about outdoor towels branded with your logo and let's begin!