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When looking for our next marketing campaign or in house item that could really benefit our staff, the best place to start is by examining what they use on a daily basis and one likely answer to this for almost everybody is their personal or corporate tech! So why not make a tie-in to this and choose custom printed tech kits from Dynamic Gift Canada for your branded promotional product needs!

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  1. All-Tech Kit
    All-Tech Kit
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    Selfie Addict Starter Tech Kit
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How tech kits can benefit your staff

The typical 9-5 office space where an employee comes in and sits at their fixed computer is slowly becoming a thing of the past for many companies. Businesses are becoming more fluid, more flexible and with that comes the need for portable tech like company phones and tablets! But with this change of pace come new pitfalls and one of the common ones is that dreaded low battery sign! This can tie up or slow down work as staff scramble to find an outlet and there might not even be one nearby. Customized travel tech kits allow your staff stay where they need to be and not tied down, helping improve productivity and make that workday a little smoother - wherever it takes them!

The power of a practical marketing campaign

Creating something to increase brand awareness can be difficult and when we think about the imprinted products we have passed over or thrown away in our lives the chances are there is a common reason. They have no value or use to us. Our lives can quickly become cluttered if we aren’t selective over what we keep in them and this goes for promotional products too, even if they are free! Creating something that has value to the recipient is a great way to help ensure your item stays not only in its owner’s life, but on hand - helping remind them of just where they got it from each time that they use it! Promotional tech kits are a great product that effortlessly combines practicality and good marketing, helping explain just why so many companies choose them as their promotional tool today.

Great for more than just offices

Branded tech travel kits might be great for staff, but their usefulness and potential customer base goes much further than the office! People travelling on business, students that need to work away from the home or classroom - even those of us taking part in leisure activities outside who still need their tech, there are few who wouldn’t benefit from such a handy item. No one likes to run out of power whatever they are doing so help make sure your company is the one providing the solution and choose custom printed tech kits as your promotional tool.

Gift or resell something people will appreciate!

Branded travel tech kits help solve that modern day frustration of running out of battery, and this makes them highly useful to almost everyone. But what does this mean for gifting or reselling? Just as no one wants to create a gift that has no value to the recipient and is never used, store owners don’t want to invest in stock that will be left to gather dust on their shelves and never sell! Creating something valuable to a client or customer doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to solve a common problem, which is exactly where promotional tech kits really shine. They might not be glitzy or eye catching but they are a product with a function and something people actively seek out, making them a fantastic choice for gifting and reselling alike!

Considering custom printed tech kits for your next big thing? Contact us!

There is no denying that imprinted products are great for raising brand awareness and creating a buzz about what matters for you but that doesn’t count for much if you get something poor quality or out of time for your promotion! We offer fast quotes and shipping times as well as friendly and experienced staff to help you create that high quality product with the custom print you deserve so contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada today and get started with us creating that next big thing!