Three images of custom branded mouse pads with a mouse resting on each, in home offices in Canada.

Custom Printed Mouse Pads, Perfect for Your Office Team

Everyone who uses a desktop computer needs a mouse pad. Although mobile devices have become very popular in recent years, most businesses still use desktops in their offices. Businesses typically provide plain pads for their employees, but these can be quite boring so many people purchase their own or acquire them from businesses they trust. This fact presents the perfect opportunity for companies to market their products and services in complementary office environments.

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Branded mouse mats will never go unseen

Printed mouse pads are available in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are convenient for the end users. The perfect size will fit on a modest-sized desk and be large enough for an office worker to move their mouse around without it rolling off the pad. While it might be tempting to experiment with odd shapes and sizes, those mouse pads are less likely to be put into use on a regular basis simply because they may not be practical. Instead of trying to be too creative with the shape, innovative companies can express their creativity through the design and wording on the actual pad.

Always in plain sight

Unlike other promotional items, Custom mouse pads offer a lot of space for wording or a logo. Ink pens, key rings, and stress balls have very limited space for printing, and companies that give away these products in promotions must be very concise in their wording if they want the person who receives it to remember their organization. Mouse pads have the opposite dilemma. They offer a lot of space, but the less a marketer uses when designing the Mouse mats, the more effective the message will be.

Truly personalized promotional mouse mats

Some Ontario companies are able to offer clients more value by giving them mouse pads that are also photo frames. Parents, as well as pet owners, love to have photos of the family members they love close to them as they work. Since people who work at a computer use the mouse all day, they'll always have a nearby reminder of their loved ones. These types of mouse pads are perfect for businesses that don't require a lot of space to get their message across and want to give their customers something they will actually use on a daily basis. Given a choice between a mouse pad filled with promotional messages and one that has ample space for a photo, most people will choose the one with the photo frame for their desk at work.

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Before a company in Canada buys promotional products, they must first decide their goal for the campaign. When the objective is to provide an ongoing reminder of the company name and its products or services, mouse pads are the ideal gift. They can be used at home or at work, and everyone who uses a desktop computer needs one. Consumers love to receive free products they can actually use from companies they enjoy doing business with. Marketers know their company's customers better than anyone else, and many of them understand that mouse mats are the ideal item to choose when it comes to promotional gifts.