Canadians use promotional organizers and phone pouches to protect their devices during travel and outdoors.

Promote Your Logo and Organization with Custom Tech Organizers & Cases

‘Where did my charge cable go? It was right here!’ Chances are we have all said something like this at one point (or maybe on a daily basis if we are unlucky!) Those handy little tech accessories are vital to us but it’s like they have a mind of their own and wander off the second we turn our backs. So why not transform that time we waste and common irritation into a valuable marketing opportunity and choose promotional tech cases your next branded item today!

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Make your logo or brand part of a solution to people’s frustrations!

Branded tech organizers help people stay, well - organized! This helps make sure people are on track for that meeting instead of rummaging about looking for their charger; able to catch that plane without cutting it to the last moment because they can’t find their adapter! Having a case handy to store all your favourite tech gadgets helps avoid many drastic situations in people’s everyday lives and are a great way to quickly gain positive association for your business. Be associated with the solution and help make sure people are grateful to you and your business every time they reach for that handy imprinted tech case.

Advertising further, without the expense

Promotional tech cases are not only highly valuable to people's everyday lives but are extremely portable too. This means your branded custom tech accessories are likely to travel with their owners and stay in use throughout the day - helping improve the chances of others seeing your message! Trains, buses, conference meetings, your product is a useful companion to its owner and a valuable tool to your company for raising awareness of what is important to you. By creating such a coveted item people who maybe haven’t been as fortunate to own such a product yet are likely to enquire about it with those who have which could potentially lead to more clients, more sales and a faster growing business. So, help your company promote themselves more effectively with branded tech organizers and advertise far and wide, without the dreaded expense!

Repeat advertising - without being repetitive!

It makes sense that the more a person sees your logo, the more likely they are to retain it in their mind and think of you first when they need your services. But billboards and flashy jingles can quickly annoy people and cause them to tune you out because you are overwhelming them! One compromise to this is placing your imprinted message on something a person will frequently use, instead of something they are sick of hearing or seeing. Custom tech accessories such as branded tech organizers allow people to see your message every time that they use the product you provided, helping create a more lasting impression - without being too ‘salesy’ or annoying!

Where does this wire go? Why cable organizers are so useful in marketing campaigns

It’s happened to almost all of us at one point. You go to reach under that desk to plug something in or take it out and are met with a spaghetti style mess of electronic wires that will take forever to untangle. How did this happen? It doesn’t matter how tidy you are, unsupervised cables seem to have a sneaky way of tangling together and creating all kinds of problems for their owner. On the positive side, this makes custom printed cable organizers a great tool if you are looking for marketing with a purpose and to create something people need! Cable organizers can help keep our important electronic items tidy and reduce the wear and tear on poorly stored cables, helping prolong their lifespan. Custom printed cable organizers are an inexpensive way of getting your imprinted message close to the customer where it needs to be.

Get advertising in the 21st century, without the modern day price tag!

Staying up to date can be expensive personally and in business but that doesn’t mean your next promotional campaign has to be. Promotional tech cases are an inexpensive, highly useful method of creating a modern item without a hefty price tag and with our highly competitive pricing and fast quote times you can be ‘in touch’ with ease. So why not get started on your new advertising campaign today and contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada for more info!