Custom Printed & Promotional Non Woven Tote Bags

Non Woven tote bags are an awesome way to promote your brand or message. They offer a credible alternative to using plastic or paper bags which usually end up in landfills. With a heavy focus on quality they last long enough for people who want to continue to use the in day to day activities too! Check our range out below and contact us for more information or a quote, one of our knowledgeable staff will respond quickly!

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The Many Reasons to Use Non-Woven Tote Bags

Non-woven fabrics have become popular for a number of reasons. It can be used in a variety of ways and with each method it is reliable, yet affordable. It is stronger and more durable than woven fabrics. It holds its form much easier than other materials, is able to withstand higher temperatures, and the finished product has a higher degree of uniformity. All of these factors are why Non Woven Tote Bags have become so popular. There are many occasions where these bags can be used, but one of its most popular uses has been as a free gift at corporate trade shows.

Popular Giveaway Product

Custom Tote Bags are a popular freebie at every trade show. Since many attendees will travel from booth to booth just to collect brochures, sample and gifts, having something to store these items in is important. While other businesses will have their branded pens, notepads and hats tucked away, a branded bag will be out on display for everyone to see. This will often encourage others to come to that specific booth to get a bag for themselves. This provides the perfect opportunity to sell products and services or introduce the company to everyone.

Easy Advertising Method

Printed Non Woven Tote Bags are not just for advertising on the day of a trade show, but long after the show has ended. Studies have shown that people will keep these bags for lunch bags, to bring to the grocery store and for many other uses. This keeps a business name and logo on view and helps to build public familiarity with the company. The people who keep these bags close at hand will remember the company they are from, and are more likely to contact them when they have a need for their particular product or service.

Sensible Environmental Tool

One consideration that many forget is that these reusable bags are a smart, Earth-friendly option. They take the place of disposable plastic and paper bags, and their durability makes them last longer than even Custom Woven Tote Bags. Not only will they prevent waste at the trade show, but later on as well when they are put in use for other tasks.

Cheap Tote Bags are a cost-effective option that is affordable for even small startups. The cost of personalizing the bags is minimal. Many companies will order enough to make it possible to give them to their customers and employees at the office. They are even a good way to pass out a startup kit to new customers.