Promotional non-woven tote bags in use at networking, tradeshow, business and conference events in Toronto.

Custom Printed & Promotional Non Woven Tote Bags

Custom non-woven totes offer a budget-friendly, practical way to get your message noticed. Reusable and useful, give your promotional product a better chance to be on display by providing something for everyday tasks and errands. The shift away from single-use items means that branded reusable totes are ready to fill the gap and are a popular option for tradeshows and giveaways in Canada. With a great surface area for branding, multiple print styles and the ability to find custom bulk options for large-scale events right here – all you have to do now is find your favourite. Inquire to start creating yours.

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An Introduction to Non Woven Promotional Tote Bags

Businesses and promoters interested in adding a personal touch to conference and marketing essentials could take advantage of non woven tote bags for their upcoming event. What is a non woven tote bag exactly? With so many custom printed bags available, it can be difficult to know all the terminology. To (briefly) get technical, non woven totes are typically a bag created by bonding the material fibres together. Unlike woven bags made with a weaving process, this style is all about heat and pressure. The end result for trade show and event bags? Hard-wearing, durable and reusable bags designed with everyday use in mind. Now we know what non-woven tote bags are, let's examine the benefits they can bring.

The Benefits of Customized Tote Bags for Marketing in Canada

Wherever there is an exhibition or trade show these bags are typically present. So, why are custom printed bags popular for promotional events and conferences? Below are three key areas that help elevate imprinted totes to a tradeshow essential with businesses across Canada.

Cost Efficient Marketing Solutions

The need for low-cost brand awareness drives the decision-making for many smart promoters, and cost-effectiveness is essential for businesses of any size. Tote bags custom printed with logos provide a cheap and practical solution for marketing and promotional needs and allow brands to reach a large audience volume at a modest budget.

Versatile Branding Options Available

Few promotional products are available with as much customization potential as humble event totes. These items might appear ordinary, but their large surface area means untapped creativity potential for marketing purposes. Enhancing brand awareness can start with useful, reusable items and with many logo tote bags available with full colour custom print, you can easily create unique designs for your occasion.

Repeat Marketing Potential & Brand Visibility

Finding promotional tote bags for giveaways or trade shows means brand visibility beyond a single event or day. With logo totes, your message can travel home with visitors from your vendor stall to their personal lives. Once their swag has been emptied and put away, these bags have the potential to travel on everyday errands, prolonging brand exposure and raising awareness for your business message.

When considering these facts for custom non-woven tote bags, it's easy to see why they are a promotional and marketing go-to for branded giveaways in Canada.

Brand Visibility & Recall with Printed Tote Bags

Custom non-woven tote bags provide the potential for repeat brand visibility, assisting with retention and brand recall amongst clients. Repeat message exposure can familiarize people with your business and keep it fresh in their minds. With promotions, tradeshows and marketing being so competitive, establishment and brand recall matters. Cheap tote bags with printed logos provide a practical method for raising awareness for what matters to your business at an economical price point.

Tradeshow Visibility & Getting Noticed in the Crowd

A successful event in the promotional world is typically marked people attend – but busy events can mean getting lost in the crowd. No matter how great your vendor space looks, the area is limited and this can pose a problem for even experienced promoters. Custom totes with your company logo can get that important information out into the crowd.

With budgets often being more limited than we would like, finding cheap ideas for promotions in Canada can be frustrating. Custom reusable bags can start at under $5, perfect for budget-savvy marketers.

Finally, customizing an item that gives visitors the ability to carry their other swag also helps ensure your brand is the one that gets noticed. These key points help establish logo totes and bags as a forerunner for promotional essentials at events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Customizing Totes for Events & Promotions

You're probably not in the printing business and this means keeping it real when it comes to customization options and cutting out the jargon! Below are the most popular options for adding your personal touch to custom tote bags in Canada.

Customizing Single Colour Printed Totes

If your brand wants to keep it simple and create cheap tote bags in bulk, one colour print could be a great idea. This simplistic style of print can create contrast, a bold advertisement and great brand awareness at a budget-friendly price point. These bags are also often available with rush options for faster turnaround times.

Multiple Colour Tote Bags & Custom Branding

Are you interested in stepping up your creativity? Adding more colour to your customization could be a great option! This style of print allows your promotional totes to typically be branded in up to 4 solid colours.

Maximize Creativity with Full Colour Printed Totes

This style might sound confusing when thrown around with the term multiple spot colour, but they are different processes entirely. A full-colour or photograph style option means gradients or stunning, photo-realistic branding are possible. This is great for versatility and getting exactly what you want for your marketing campaign.

Go Greener with Custom Reusable Bags

With the need and drive for reusable items, it looks like "fast-fashion" promo ideas are on their way to being a thing of the past. Finding reusable items like printed bags for trips to the store or daily errands can help cut down on waste while keeping your message on display. Single-use items are also in many areas becoming shunned or even banned and your business needs to stay relevant to stay ahead. Custom reusable grocery bags have taken Canada by storm. Finding bulk bags with your logo on them could be the ideal low-cost way to get your business linked to longer-lasting promo ideas.

Where to Buy Custom Tote Bags in Bulk

If you are looking for a trade show bag supplier and wondering, "Where can I buy tote bags for my promotion?" the good news is we are waiting right here. Finding totes in Canada for events in Toronto or getting your brand on the best custom tote bags could be just a few clicks or even a call away. Inquire with our friendly, experienced sales team at our office based in Ontario. Discover wholesale tote bags with your personal touch and "tote-ally" great customer service from start to finish.