Left photo; a cotton bag used to carry groceries by bike, middle photo; a young woman carrying her shopping in a cotton tote while walking by the lake, right photo; a young woman sitting with her cotton bag at a rocky beach coast

Custom Promotional Cotton Bags & Library Bags Canada

With the environment increasingly under threat from waste generation, companies large and small are looking for ways to reduce their pollution and show the public a more eco friendly and positive image. The use of disposable plastic is being scrutinized by both the government and the public as we become more aware of the impact of non-degradable, single-use products. Businesses are no longer just about advertising and making profit, the public want to work with those that are environmentally responsible and if your company is not then you risk both a decrease in sales and bad publicity.

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Custom printed cotton bags show that you care about the environment

The introduction of fees for plastic bags at grocery markets has been extremely unpopular and inconvenient, but this has resulted in creating a huge opportunity for marketing earth friendly bagging options. Here at Dynamic Gift, our custom printed cotton tote bags offer a great solution to this problem with the bonus of advertising your company to the world as sustainable and environmentally sound!

Cotton is an ideal alternative to plastic as it is made from natural sources and is long lasting, meaning less resource demand and a product that will stand up to repeated use. Cotton canvas bags are strong and lightweight which allows the consumer to carry them anywhere and easily roll them up when they need to be stored. This means the person who receives your custom printed bag is more likely to carry it around wherever they go!

Library bags are back on trend!

Custom branded library bags are back! With celebrities sporting them during paparazzi photos, doing your part for the planet has never been more fashionable. Dynamic Gift Canada offers custom printed totes in a large variety of colour options, styles, and sizes. So whatever the occasion, or logo, we have what you need right here.

Tote bags also tend to have a large surface area, meaning your logo or brand message can be printed large and highly visible to the general public when carried. It also means that they draw the eye and so people will notice your investment as they travel with their new owner throughout their busy day. Cotton canvas bags are used to carry more than just groceries though! Gym bags need to be thin to fit into lockers and with all the clothing someone needs to carry and their towel, what better choice than a lightweight tote? Library books, Christmas shopping, work supplies, if it’s heavy why make things more difficult by adding extra weight? Browse our carefully selected range of cotton totes

Choose from a huge range of styles.

Dynamic Gift has a selection of cotton tote bags that include a zipper to keep keys and valuables safe, drawstring style bags to allow you to carry your items on your back or even shoe bags to keep the dust off of your shoes during travel or storage.

A laminated tote is water resistant, making it perfect for those trips to the grocery store in the uncharitable Canadian cold weather! Or how about the large economy tote with cross stitched handles for extra reinforcement in your store to encourage customers to shop big without the worry of flimsy plastic bags that split under pressure or cut into their hands.

Our large colour variety also means your bags can be highly customized, gone are the days when plain beige was the only option! Why not choose the background colour of your company to draw the eye, then go for the added bonus of your business slogan on top? Get your brand colours associated in the public’s mind with this simple advertising solution that will last.

Giving this product out at an event, conference or trade show is an affordable, eye catching option that will remain in use by the customer and proudly display your logo. Show everyone that your business represents sustainability and care for the environment, and that you keep up to date with the needs of consumers in the modern world.