Left photo; a laughing young woman in a black barista's apron hands over fresh baked goods to a customer in an Ontario café as they share a joke. In the background, the staff are working hard and are busy with the Saturday customer rush. Middle photo; a collection of artfully placed paper bags of various sizes, all filled with eco-friendly promotional swag sit on a hall table beside a potted plant, waiting to be unpacked and put away. Right photo; an excited lady in a navy sweater carries her shopping home for the day down a busy high street in Toronto. She can't wait to show her friends the amazing deals she has gotten.

Custom Printed Paper Bags For Easy Distribution of Merchandise and Custom Swag!

With single-use plastic bags being both bad for the environment and on their way to being banned in more and more places – adding your message to printed paper bags could make a lot of sense! Providing custom logo paper bags for your swag or giveaways could be a great solution for freeing up your customer's hands and generating awesome brand visibility at the same time. Don't miss the chance for your brand to be the one that's carried around for all to see! Browse our selection of custom paper take-out bags, branded paper shopper bags and more to find the perfect one for your next promotion!

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