Custom recycled cotton bags being used to help cut down on single-use-plastics in Canada. A woman is carrying her eco-friendly tote home from work and there are bags showing groceries brought back from the farmers market.

Custom Printed Recycled Cotton Totes for Greener Marketing Campaign Solutions

Custom printed recycled cotton bags offer the same quality, style and versatility as their counterparts but with the awesome additional bonus of being better for the environment! Showing the public that your business, however large or small, cares for the planet is a great way to give your brand the positive reflection it really deserves. With multiple shapes, sizes and carry options on offer, you can easily find promotional eco-bags or recycled cotton totes to suit your needs. Check out our range of custom logo recycled cotton totes and bags today to start finding the perfect option for your next event!

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How Can My Business Benefit from Reusable Shopping Bags?

Change is coming to Canada and the introduction of the single-use plastics ban has sent businesses of all types scrambling for reusable alternatives. This includes promotional shopper totes, and recycled cotton bags printed with custom logos have become a popular replacement! These handy items offer a large surface area for printing, and this means the opportunity for easier brand awareness, even from a distance. With their versatility and longevity, your brand could be on display daily – long after your promotion has ended. This means branding that's working hard for your business with each use – and best of all? Many imprinted recycled bags are available at an economical price point! When we examine this, it becomes easier to see why reusable totes in bulk are popular – but read on to find out more about how bags made from recycled materials could benefit you.

Custom Tote Bags in Canada with an Eco-Twist!

Wherever we seem to go, promotional bags are out and about with us! From grocery trips to daily errands – these handy products are even spotted on daily commutes and leisure days. A staple choice of marketing and advertising for years, branded cotton totes seem to be here to stay! With the increase in interest for more sustainable custom products, options made from recycled materials have appeared in multiple departments – but few places as prominently as imprinted totes and bags. With so many new options to choose from – could it be time to renew your branded bag game and create something different? Read on to discover more about the perks of recycled cotton bags and choose eco friendly items for your promotion!

The Benefits of Choosing Recycled Cotton Material

When it comes to the environment, the fashion industry is one of the leading causes of pollutants and carbon emissions. Choosing alternative products like customized totes made from recycled material can help cut down on textile waste and save water! Recycled cotton requires far less water to create and allows fabrics to be reused and become useful once more. These positive factors have led sustainable branded merchandise to be viewed as the answer to a more ethical and greener marketing approach. With businesses of all sizes under scrutiny from the public and being judged on their environmental impact, going earth-friendly could be a great way to get your brand the positive recognition and association you know it deserves! This means printed eco shopping bags and totes could be a great choice for your next marketing campaign.

Creating Connections with Earth-Friendly Products

With tradeshows and events, there's usually a crowd! This means that, with so much going on, it can be hard to stand out. Creating a connection with visitors and clients can be key to being remembered, and custom tote bags made from recycled materials could be a great solution! By choosing imprinted eco-friendly shopper bags, you are offering more than just a bag to your visitors. You are showing them that you are on-point when it comes to understanding current public interests, concerns, and a more modern form of marketing awareness. Give your brand the potential to be remembered for more than just another stall that threw custom merchandise at its visitors – because creating a positive impression matters. With so much interest in environmentalism, eco-products could even be a great way to start a conversation!

What's in Your Bag For Brand Ideas? Contact Us for Printed Eco-Totes!

Do you have an upcoming event and need custom eco swag and branded green merchandise? Whatever eco-friendly promotional items you need – we are here to help! Contact our staff about reusable totes and your design to help freshen up your marketing event or promotion. We have a Canadian-based office, meaning no pesky long delays for replies and years of experience with custom branding. Start adding your personal touch to recycled cotton convention totes today by messaging us now!