Three images of people relaxing and enjoying wine, food and socializing during summer picnics in Canada's Muskokas.

Promotional Picnic Coolers & Custom Party Coolers Canada

Summer, winter, fall or spring, whatever the weather it doesn’t stop people from hauling out the large cooler bag, getting a group of friends together and heading out to create memories that will last a lifetime. With that in mind, why not help get your advertisement at the centre of the party today with these custom printed party coolers from Dynamic Gift Canada? Get your message associated with the good times by placing it on the one item everyone is sure to gather around, no matter what the event – the picnic cooler!

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Whatever the event, attend in style

Whether it’s a company party in the height of summer or a sponsored sporting event in fall – you can make sure you are there without spending the huge cost that comes with large advertising. Without banners, flags or signs your brand can still be noticed easily. These custom printed products come with a large surface area for your logo or message and are sure to be the centre of attention once other attendees get hungry or thirsty, making them grateful to your company and to you for being there when needed!

Long lasting = long advertising

Few companies have indefinite funds to spend on advertising so quick, single use items are not always the way to go. With a custom printed party cooler, you can be sure that your product, and consequently your investment, will be around for the long haul. With a quality item such as any of the picnic cooler range from Dynamic gift Canada you can rest safe in the knowledge you have chosen a high quality, durable product that wont easily be damaged, helping preserve your message for years to come!

A memorable message

Getting noticed is great, but good associations linked to your logo or message is better still. Why not make this happen by choosing a product that is linked instantly to fun and relaxation such as a party cooler for your promo product? Help create that link in your target audiences mind between you and the good times with one easy purchase today and make sure the party is in your name, at least a to a degree!

Great for prizes

Whether you have a stall at an event and need an item that will draw interested crowds, or want your name seen in a raffle or prize draw – a picnic cooler is a great choice! A perfect reward prize for the person who gave the most on a company team building exercise or to say thank you to someone who went above and beyond for your company, this product will be treasured by the recipient and your name alongside it.

Get with the times!

In today’s society, more and more people are making a conscious effort to turn off the screen and get outside. But that doesn’t always mean hiking alone in the woods! Craft breweries are a huge crowd draw so what better way to get your brand in the public eye than a tie in product like a can cooler or large cooler bag? Or how about food and drink sampler nights, another great opportunity to be seen by potentially hundreds of people in a single night or more? Whatever the event, a brand labelled cooler is sure to be a hit, helping imprint your message or company logo in the minds of your chosen audience with ease.

Helping you reach your goal with ease

At Dynamic Gift Canada, helping you get the perfect product to promote your cause is our goal as well as yours. With fast turn around times and dedicated staff, we are committed to taking your vision and making it a reality. Don’t let the party get started without you or your advertising and contact us today to get started!