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The move away from the use of environmentally hazardous plastic bags has provided business owners, such as yourself, with a unique opportunity to promote your company to vast numbers of individuals, while at the same time doing something good for the environment. Whether you choose to bulk-buy sturdy customized satchel bags, or you're looking towards something a little less rigid but still made from high-quality materials, here at Dynamic Gift we have the perfect promotional bags for your next marketing mission.


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How to Order Your Custom Printed Tote Bags

When looking towards a promotional product to be seen by the largest number of people possible, you simply can't find anything better than a printed shopping bag, with your company logo and contact details clearly placed across either side.

Whether they're intended for your corporate customers, or you're looking for some cheap totes to give away at events, all of our bags are provided at low cost prices and are available across Canada. To make things even easier for you, we have on hand a free graphics design service whereby our experienced, professional designers can work alongside you to come up with the perfect design for your totes, incorporating your company colors, logo, name, and any other details you deem to be relevant.

Popular Tote Styles

Our totes come in a variety of styles so you can be sure they look good whether you're giving them away at trade shows or as part of a large company-organized event. For the perfect custom bag for your current and potential customers, the following totes are currently especially popular among our customers:

  • The Zeus- Ideal for conventions and trade events, the zeus comes in a slim design that has a large main compartment with double 26" handles, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Your company branding will be placed on the side using a silkscreen printing technique.
  • Non-Woven Convention- Very popular among our customers, the non-woven convention tote is made from seventy-five gram polypropylene, which helps to keep the price down while still holding itself up as an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags.
  • The Hercules Grocery- Custom made to carry as much as possible, the large open main compartment of the Hercules is supported by double 20" reinforced handles and a supportive bottom board, so to ensure your customers' purchases are kept safe while transporting groceries to their home or office.
  • The Mini Elm- Ideal for being personalized, the mini elm may not be the largest tote in the world, but it's incredibly practical, coming with one open main compartment and double 24" handles. Your company details will be silkscreen printed onto both sides.

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For corporates & firms

Satchels and tote bags are in trend at the moment and people use them largely for going on shopping trips throughout the world. These bags are ideal for carrying both light and mildly–heavy stuff from one place to another.

These bags are widely used by garment shops to pack their products for their customers. The bags get made out of a wide variety of material such as cotton, polyester, jute and other blended materials making them tough and durable. With the amount of space that some of these bags offer, they can be used for varied purposes. Designed correctly, these bags act as great promotional items with the amount of real estate that supports.

Bags of all types are great promotional products as they are literally walking billboards for the advertiser. Tote bags are also used as promotional gift items by the handbag companies which promotes the use of nature-friendly material like jute and cotton for the manufacturing and selling of the bags. Looking to bag more clients? Whether you sell grocery or are preparing for a tradeshow and need a cleaver give away option, these bags fit in well in almost any situation.

Higher end options are available on request

Many companies in the corporate sector gift their employees with the Zippered Travel/Business Totes. These tote bags are ideal for corporate persons that often travel for meetings and presentations. These bags and their designs are well thought out and have compartments which accommodate appropriate important files and folders. With the company name and logo printed on these bags, they become an influencing factor even before the meeting can start.

An easy way to promote events and market businesses is by providing personalized tote bags as a giveaway throughout the year. These tote bags are made with long lasting quality materials and can be embossed with a personal message or logo. They’re also great for destination wedding and themed parties. We offer customized tote bags in bulk at a discounted rate.

Why choose printed tote bags?

These wholesale tote bags are ideal for church events, client conferences, personal or business parties, favors for wedding and special events and as a give-away at conferences. Anyone can easily take them along at a beach or pool, to a grocery store or to a local farmer’s market to bring fresh fruits and vegetables. Exhibition totes are the perfect items for any company tradeshow and convention and can also serve as a marketing tool when a logo or business name is imprinted on them.

These tote bags are environment friendly and stylish at the same time. By adding a bit of personalization to your bag, you can take these tote bags to a different level and send a unique message to the world.

Our custom tote bags are made of durable materials like natural cotton, canvas, jute and more. Laminated vinyl and plastic designs are easy to clean and made of strong materials. Clear PVC totes are great for poolside parties keeping everything visible and dry. We also offer reversible styles which allow you to change up your style whenever you want; browse our collection of polyester, non-woven, and dual-toned totes as well. Our drawstring bags, lunch totes, and pocket styles are unique in design and made to last long.

With a variety of shapes and styles, each tote bag is as unique as the user. With us, every style is available, from something very practical to something that is trendy and fashionable. There is a variety of colors available and with us. It’s easy to personalize the tote bags for a sports team, business, or celebratory event. Some designs are even available in two tone colors. Got some specific colors in mind? Call us and let our experts help you achieve your marketing goals.


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