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With single use plastics quickly becoming taboo, smart businesses are moving with the times, not kicking their plasticky heels! Eco friendly promotional bags and eco friendly containers have surged forward in popularity in recent years and with the public becoming ever more aware of the damage single use plastics have on the environment these alternatives look like they are here to stay. Why not be part of the change for a more positive future for your company and the earth and invest in reusable bags today.

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Don’t be labelled as wasteful

While we all love branded items, putting your logo on certain products is rapidly leading to a more negative type of publicity. Think about how single use straws have gone in recent years from an everyday item to something that is openly frowned at in public by an increasing amount of people. Custom printing a throwaway item that is non degradable can be a fast track way to getting you noticed- but not the way you want! Help improve your company’s image; show you care about the environment and are moving with the times - invest in a product like recycled promotional bags and get the right type of publicity for your brand.

Create a product that’s in tune with the times

Whether you are at a trade show giving out promotional imprinted items, or looking for corporate gifts to say thank you, a poorly designed product will be unlikely to get you the type of thank you you anticipated. Single use products are likely to be turned down and rejected for many reasons. ‘I have an eco friendly version at home’ ‘Is it one time use only, and you can’t recycle it? No thanks’ You might even be hit with ‘you corporations make all this money and waste, it’s terrible!’ No one wants their product rejected, and creating an item such as eco friendly conference bags are a great way to help you get off to a more positive start with potential customers and to show staff you may be in business, but not at the expense of others - or the environment.

Say thank you to your staff and the environment all at once

If you are looking to thank those who work hard for you, or whose connections you couldn’t do without, with eco friendly gifts in Canada then you are at the right place! We offer a huge range of products with pricing to suit a wide budget range. From jotters to eco friendly containers and eco friendly promotional bags, pens made of recycled materials and more – Dynamic Gift Canada has a variety of eco friendly and recycled items that make great giveaways and gifts. No one wants to try and thank someone with an out of date gift, so get on trend and thank those who matter to you and the environment they live in at the same time with branded eco friendly gifts today.

Get the type of bag everyone loves in your store

Selling bags in almost any type of store is a great idea. They come with a wide surface area to put your own custom printed message, and the customers are usually more than happy to be given the option not to juggle their purchases through the parking lot. We have two hands but let’s face it, we usually don’t leave a store with just two items. However, single use items becoming more taboo so customers will often opt for a branded reusable shopping bag – even if it’s not yours! Why put yourself at risk of having your single use bags shunned and your products hidden behind someone else's advertising just because they created a recycled shopper tote and you didn’t?

Customers need a way to carry their shopping and by giving them a more ethical, more lasting solution you are giving your company a greater chance to stay with them and remind them of who you are. This can help increase customer loyalty because without that branded reusable shopping bag they might not remember where they got their great deal after a few weeks. Give the customer a constant companion and make yourself part of the more sustainable lifestyle so many are striving for with custom reusable bags in Canada from Dynamic Gift today!

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