Three stylish branded metal tumblers being used on-the-go by travellers enjoying their leisure time in Ontario's Muskokas.

Custom Metal Tumblers are Here to Refresh Your Brand Visibility!

Reusable, versatile and easy to carry – stainless steel tumblers just need your custom logo to make them complete! Custom tumblers made from metal can typically be printed or engraved, giving you more versatility for your branding design options. Refresh your brand awareness with a product that could be in use daily and give your message the chance to travel! Hiking, walking to work, taking a drive or relaxing at home, enjoy your favourite beverages in style. Start browsing to find the perfect option for corporate gifts in Canada, promotional giveaway ideas or employee rewards here with our great selection of stainless steel tumblers just waiting for your design.

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Positive imagery and you

In these modern times it’s no longer acceptable to advertise however you please with no thought to the future. With public awareness of the negative impact uncaring companies large and small can have on the environment, a poor advertising choice on a single use item can quickly lead to negative attention. Don’t expose yourself to the risk of your brand being seen polluting the environment and instead invest in a reusable, Eco positive item that customers are more likely to support and want to be seen with. Imprint your brand on the public in a responsible manner with these handy, more responsible metal tumblers from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Easy to use

With metal drink cups being not only easy to wash but also to undo and refill in moments, your recipient is unlikely to leave your important item languishing in the cupboard in favour of something else. This goes for cleanliness too, however appealing your custom printed item may have been at the start, with inferior and poor material choice your cup beverage container can quickly go from ‘wow that looks great’ to ‘oh get that out of my kitchen it looks a thousand years old!’ faster than you think. Metal also helps reduce any odours that can come with repeated use, helping every drink poured in there to taste like the first.

Easy to remember

Almost everyone has experienced the sudden gloom of realizing they have left their favourite cup at home. The day is slightly soured and let’s be honest, no other container is quite as good as the one you accidentally left behind and are currently mourning. Yet this is good news for you and your company as well as positive evidence for how sought after this product is because it shows exactly how important metal tumblers are to us as well as what a big, if unrecognized role they play in our day to day affairs. And better still, by placing an eye-catching design with our wide range of colour choices on a custom created product you are giving the owner a visual nudge to remember not only their beverage holder, but you and your brand at the same time! Don’t get left behind, get noticed! With these highly customizable items available right here.

Even easier to advertise with

Custom printed metal drink cups offer a large surface area for advertising as well as a place on an item that is highly mobile and more likely to catch the eye of others. With so many of us reaching for that cup dozens of times a day, your product is likely to be on show rather than tucked away with your important message hidden from view. Highly portable and much safer than open topped containers these are likely to sit on desks at work, be carried about in stores and used on public transport because mugs are great – but trying to drink out of one on the bus might be a little awkward!

Don’t let your investment spring a leak!

At Dynamic Gift Canada we offer affordable, highly competitive pricing with out compromising on quality. When using a company you can trust to create great products, you pass that image on to the owners of the product you choose and raise your respect and trust levels with them too. Help avoid the waste of money that comes with having to replace or worse, refund easily damaged goods and the negative feedback from customers that comes with lesser quality items by instead choosing to work with our dedicated staff and select from our fantastic range of goods that won’t leave a sour taste in your customers mouths or a hole in your pockets and contact us today to get started!