Branded Plastic Tumblers & Custom Printed Plastic Drinking Glasses

Single use products are rapidly becoming the taboo of the modern day, with throw away cups ranking high on the list – yet people still need to drink when they are away from their homes. Unwilling to be branded an Eco-polluter by other members of the public, consumers are looking around for a more lasting item to meet their needs. This makes reusable tumblers from Dynamic Gift Canada a great modern advertising choice for your company today.

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  1. Game Day 16oz Cup with Lid
    Game Day 16oz Cup with Lid
    Priced from $7.42 to $9.35
  2. 22oz neon pink plastic stadium cup with a white logo
    22oz Plastic Stadium Cup
    Priced from $1.21 to $1.37
  3. neon pink 16oz plastic stadium cup with black logo
    16oz Plastic Stadium Cup
    Priced from $1.10 to $1.25
  4. A blue 16oz tumbler with black accents and a full colour logo
    Columbia Tumbler (16oz)
    Priced from $3.77 to $5.65
  5. a translucent green plastic tumbler with a matching straw and a red and black logo
    Cyclone 16oz Tumbler with Straw
    Priced from $4.11 to $7.32
  6. A blue acrylic 24oz tumbler with a white and blue logo
    Mega Vortex Tumbler (24oz)
    Priced from $8.30 to $10.45
  7. a royal blue 450mL acrylic travel tumbler with a yellow logo
    Antares 450mL Travel Tumbler
    Priced from $7.90 to $11.64
  8. a clear and black 16oz tumbler with a black straw and a white and red logo
    16oz Sipper Tumbler
    Priced from $5.85 to $7.37
  9. A silver stainless steel tumbler with a grey lid and a black logo
    Frenchie Tumbler (17oz)
    Priced from $8.60 to $10.83
  10. a clear acrylic 500mL infuser tumbler with green accents and a black logo
    500mL Small Fruit Infuser Tumbler
    Priced from $5.67 to $8.64
  11. A blue 15oz tumbler with black accents and a white logo
    15oz Sleek Tumbler
    Priced from $9.35 to $11.80
  12. a clear 20oz acrylic tumbler with a back lid and straw and a yellow and black logo
    Hot & Cold 20oz Swirl Tumbler
    Priced from $8.65 to $10.88
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Stay cool stay fresh – all year!

Plastic drinking glasses are a great way to stay cool on a summer’s day. Thicker than single use items and many coming with a double wall build design, this helps keep that drink cooler for longer! Not only is this a great benefit to the recipient, but also to you because no one wants to be drinking a tepid drink in the 30-degree heat so a good plastic tumbler will always be the one likely to be chosen for any journey. By buying a high-quality imprinted tumbler with lid you put an item into someone’s hand that will keep them cool and refreshed, with your slogan on their mind. And just because summer is over doesn’t mean your advertising has to be! Used at home to keep dust and bugs out of the owner’s drink, or even in the office so you don’t have to use the cup that Brenda from marketing left lipstick on – a plastic tumbler with lid is a great option, whatever the season.

It’s the little things

Almost everyone has a preferred drink container. We choose them for many reasons, good size, good weight, sturdy, easy to use and then this item preference often becomes a habit. Then suddenly, should we forget our preferred plastic drinking glass, suddenly the day isn’t quite what is was. You use others but… it’s not the same. Far from this being viewed as a trivial, but relatable matter we should stop to consider how much of an impact familiar items have upon us and the value of placing your advertisement on a personal good quality item that has the potential to become a favourite with its owner!

Easy to see, easy to use

Our plastic drinking cups are easy to undo, wash and refill. Help increase the chance of your product being chosen from the cupboard time and time again over its rivals. by being easy to use, accessible to fill and above all – with our eye-catching colours, noticeable. With many of our options being top rack dishwasher safe sanitation is easy and hassle free, helping keep your logo associated with an appealing item, not something that looks like it’s from 1980 after a few difficult washes!

Big mobile branding

Custom printed tumblers with lids offer a good-sized space for advertising as well as a place on an item that is highly mobile and more likely to catch the eye of others. With so many of us reaching for that cup dozens of times a day, your product is likely to be on show rather than tucked away with your important message hidden from view. Highly portable and much safer than open topped containers these are likely to sit on desks at work, be carried about in stores and used on public transport because mugs are great – but trying to drink out of one on the bus might be a little awkward!

Did your last advertising campaign spring a leak? Let us help!

At Dynamic Gift Canada we offer highly competitive pricing but without compromising on the quality you deserve. When using a company that you can trust to create great products for your brand, you pass on that trust to the recipients of your chosen product, increasing customer respect and loyalty. Improve your reviews! Help avoid the waste of money that comes with having to replace or worse, refund easily damaged goods and the negative feedback from customers that comes with lesser quality items. Choose the option to order our plastic tumblers, work with our committed staff and select from our fantastic selection of reusable tumblers that won’t leave a bad aftertaste. Contact us today to get started!