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Custom dog tags are both economic and pack a big branding punch! Use these custom promotional dog tags to get your message out there and seen by all - great for use as promotional giveaways, to commemorate an event, or sell them to raise funds for charity. While traditional dog tags were once considered a practical way to keep information about identification on hand, they are now considered an excellent form of promotion and giveaway item. That makes the custom dog tag ideal for many different brand situations.

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Choose From All Available Print Colours

Browse the Pantone (Solid Coated) chart for a full range of available custom dyed pantone printing colours. Please let us know which colour(s) you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

Print Colours

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From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

Shiny Gold Shiny Black Nickel Shiny Brass Shiny Copper Shiny Silver Misty Gold Misty Black Nickel Misty Brass Misty Copper Misty Silver Antique Gold Antique Black Nickel Antique Brass Antique Copper Antique Silver Antique Tin Shiny Chrome Misty Chrome Dyed Black Combined Plating Rainbow Plating Custom Colours

* Printed products with a highly custom shape must use one of these options.

** Additional charge and higher minimum order quantity may apply.

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Available Branding Options

From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

  • Recessed (Soft) Enamel Ink Fill
  • Raised (Hard) Enamel Ink Fill
  • Moulded & Polished (No Ink Fill)
  • Full Colour Digital Print (with Epoxy Dome Finish)

Product Highlights

Dog Tags as a Trade Show Giveaway

There's a trade show coming up soon, and it would be nice to have something other than the usual giveaway items on display. More to the point, having something to give away that no other exhibitor has on hand will attract more people to the show booth. Why not think about ordering dog tags that sport the company logo on one side and the contact information for the business on the other? Since the detail and background colors for the tags can be any combination the client wants, it'll be easy to use the company colors as part of the mix. Thanks to the fact that the details are embossed, there are no worries about the information fading or being rubbed away.

Promoting a Store Opening? Try Custom Dog Tags!

With the grand opening of a new shop coming up soon, it pays to get the word out to as many consumers as possible. Along with using resources like sandwich boards and posts on social media, why not think about having Promotional dog tags prepared for the event? The tags can be distributed at various community events, including Chamber of Commerce meetings. Consider using the back of the tags to include information about a small discount on anything purchased on opening day. All the shopper has to do is wear the tags and present them at the register. The discount will motivate more people to drop by and having the tags will be a fun remembrance of attending that new shop opening.

Enhance Publicity for a Charity Fundraiser

It's time to prepare a fund raising event for a charity. That means coming up with some ideas on how to get the word out to those who could be very generous. Considering including the use of dog tags in the planning.

One approach is to provide everyone who donates a specified amount with a set of customized tags. Another approach is to make them part of the gear that volunteers use to spread the word about an upcoming silent auction, a pledge dinner, or other fundraising event. Upon arriving at the event, those who have purchased tickets receive a set of tags emblazoned with the name of the charity, the date of the event, and maybe even some type of sentiment of thanks on the front or back.

A Unique Commemorative Gesture for Staff or Clients

Since the dog tags can come in any shape or size and be embellished with any elements the consumer wants, they could serve as a token of good intentions. For example, consider the idea of having two sets of tags prepared to commemorate a business partnership. They can include elements like the company names of both parties in a joint venture, the date of commencement, and maybe even something like a small emblem or other design. Along with being something a little unexpected, the fact that both companies can give the item out to staff can make a huge joint company mission or venture seem more official.

Don't overlook the possibilities of using dog tags in a number of other applications. Talk with an expert today and learn more about what past customers have done with them. The right idea may be no more than a conversation away.