Custom logo slap wristbands with printed designs in use at events and workspace fundraisers in Toronto, Canada.

Brand Your Logo Onto Slap Wristbands with Our Free Artwork Services

The 80s may be gone, leaving you with a powerful sense of nostalgia for over permed hair and spandex, but some of its accessories are still going strong – and few more so than slap wristbands. Now brought up to the modern day with a variety of custom colour options and customizable logos, its no longer all about zebra print and zigzags – unless that’s your company thing! Bring back the memories and get in the 21st century at the same time with this custom printable advertising tool from Dynamic Gift Canada.

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7 Reasons to Market a Business With Slap Wristbands

Slap wristbands are a novel way to promote a cause or business. These bracelets have been around for years, but they’ve only recently been used as a promotional tool. Since they became popular, these wristbands have been a great way to boost sales and brand awareness. Below are several reasons why business owners should add snap bands to their promotional toolkit.

They’re Exclusive

Elitism is a major factor that can attract business owners and customers alike. Everyone wants to think they’re part of something special or exclusive, and slap bracelets can start any brand building effort off in a….snap. When these bracelets include the company’s name and logo, they can capture the attention of current customers and everyone they come into contact with.

They’re Attractive

Slap Wristbands come in a variety of designs and colors. When a customer wears an eye-popping bracelet, everyone they meet will want to know more about the company. Business owners can use viewers’ natural curiosity to their advantage by including the company’s URL, phone number, and address printed on slap bracelets. With a printed bracelet, the wearer can serve as a brand ambassador wherever they go.

They are Cost-Efficient

If a business owner buys Slap bands in bulk, they can buy at a lower price and distribute the bracelets to more potential customers. Wider distribution can improve the brand’s visibility and increase potential sales. Most bracelet makers provide significant discounts for larger orders, and clients can call for wholesale rates.

They Make Quite the Fashion Statement

Attractive designs and colors attract viewers’ attention. Business owners can easily distribute these bracelets to staff and shoppers, and vibrant colors can help slap bands stand out from the rest of a company’s promo items. This marketing strategy works well to increase brand awareness and visibility, and clients can use it to the business’ advantage.

They Can Help Businesses Boost Sales

Slap bracelets can be given away as freebies or as a gift with purchase. Alternatively, the business can put them next to the cash register as an impulse buy. These bracelets can help small businesses increase their earning potential, as customers who receive freebies are often motivated to spend more.

They are Available in Many Colour Choices

Business owners can have slap bracelets made in varying colors, which can motivate customers to collect them all. Some merchants even offer them in glow-in-the-dark hues, which can be eye-catching if a client wears a bracelet to a dark nightclub, concert, or sporting event.

They are Very Safe to Use

Because slap bands are made from durable materials, they can be worn by everyone. They can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove residue, which can make them an ideal fashion accessory for children and teenagers.

Affordable advertising for all

Whilst most companies dream of advertising on a big scale, unfortunately its often not in the budget. Creating a promo item that lasts, is quirky enough to stand out, and is easily distributed can be very challenging. That’s why custom printed bands are a great choice. With a low cost per item you can get more for your money and spread the message that means so much to you far and wide with a product that appeals to a wide age and culture range! Get noticed, get your message onto those who matter with these great promo tools from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Slap down the competition

Well, not literally, we can’t sanction that – but slap bracelets can be a force to be reckoned with either way! When placed upon the wrist, a highly mobile part of the body that is easily noticed, slap wraps offer a good-sized space for your message and with us come in a range of colours for extra visibility! With their retro charm they are great conversation starters, helping get the public talking about you and your brand at the same time. Help imprint your message in the hearts and minds of those who matter today with this easy advertising idea.

Easy come, easy go

If you are running an event where you need a quick method of marking those involved, slap wristbands are a fantastic choice. Attached in a matter of seconds, without the headache of adjusting tightness and holding things up, this product is the perfect solution to fast moving lines! Need to stop for lunch or going somewhere else quickly before your event is finished? Slap bracelets are removed just as quickly, without the loss of quality when reattachment is needed and no damage to clothing.

Who’s with us? Raise your hands!

Large group events can be fun but keeping everyone together can be something else. Quick, easy identification to see who is where is often key and custom printed slap wraps can offer the solution. Perfect for large groups on tour so you can see where everyone is, for trips where you need something a little thicker and more visible than the average wristband, its easy to see why they have stood the test of time. Raise a hand to easy adult identification and group awareness with great product and say goodbye to confusion and miscounting at the same time.

More uses than you think

The use of slap bracelets isn’t limited to identification though. Some may recall putting them around school sweater sleeves, so why not make that something practical for adults too? Feeding pets, cleaning the house – no one wants their clothes spoiled. With these products you’re getting a unique household item with your company name on it that could be used to keep sleeves out of the way for daily chores. Or how about for increased visibility for activities in public like going for a run? Or for different colours to mark who is in which team for company events? Whatever your intent, the combination of high visibility and practicality makes branded slap wristbands by Dynamic Gift Canada a great choice for your needs.

That's a wrap!

While there are many ways to promote a business, slap bracelets are an up-and-coming marketing strategy. Anyone can wear them, and they are more effective than other, larger advertising methods. Consider using slap bands to advertise a cause or business today and watch the public’s awareness grow! With such versatility combined with a low investment cost and wide range of uses, it’s easy to see why these items are such a hit with both savvy business investors and the general public. So go ahead, get noticed in a way to combines retro, modern and fun in one with these slap wraps from us today – contact us and get started!