Silicone wristbands being worn for fundraisers by adults and camp days in Canada for children.

Silicone Wristbands Canada, Printed & Debossed

Giving away Silicone wristbands at any event can be a great way to promote brand awareness of your company while keeping track of those who have access to certain areas. Dynamic Gift boasts a range of these quality silicone wristbands that can be tailored with your company name, logo and contact details. Made from durable 100% hypo-allergenic silicone. These promotional gift items will last throughout the event, retaining your brand or message and continuing to reflect well on your company.

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We all know wherever there are large groups of people, there is often also confusion and chaos. ID tags are not always an option and sometimes, especially when it comes to crowds, processing them can be too time consuming. You think the theme parks queues are long now? Imagine if they had to read a badge for each person in line! Silicone wristbands are a great way to quickly and efficiently identify guests at your venue without slowing them down and spoiling their day.

Excuse me, but should you be in here?

At any event where there is no uniform, staff can be difficult to tell apart from attendees and authorized visitors can be even harder to distinguish from those who really shouldn’t be there. Have they paid? Should they be in this restricted access area? With a printed wristband you will know in a glance, reducing the chances of repeatedly bothering VIP guests and decreasing their overall customer satisfaction.

For night events we offer silicone wristbands with a glow in the dark option for extra visibility because we know that for every group of people you have at an event, there can unfortunately be bad apples that sneak in to ruin things for everyone. This goes double for night time events where security has to be extra vigilant. Ease your customers’ worries by showing them you are on top of this security dilemma and make them even happier by providing the solution in such a stylish manner!

Small advertising = smart advertising

Our branded arm bands not only achieve easy identification, but with your slogan or company name printed or debossed on them, they become a smart choice for noticeable advertising in one simple product. Placed on the wrist they are constantly in view and moving around and so more likely to catch attention than a static ID card. With cheerful and attention grabbing colours, not only will people notice a printed wristband for the duration of your event, but customers are more likely to keep them as a memento or even a fashion accessory to say ‘look where I was!’ meaning your advertising could last for years. With customers often travelling from far away to visit iconic establishments, a small, fashionable product like a branded arm band is likely to travel all the way home with them, spreading your name and raising brand awareness further than ever, without the huge expense of international advertising!

Safety and comfort in one

Lightweight and unlikely to interfere with activities or irritate the wearer with our hypo-allergenic silicone, our printed wristbands are made to be hard wearing, whatever the event or activity. Our wide colour selection means not only are they great for guests but could also increase customer safety by clearly identifying to staff which attendees have extra needs. If you are running a mixed class, differentiating between those with more experience and those who need more attention will promote safety and reassure your visitors without embarrassing them.

Options as varied as they are affordable!

At Dynamic Gift Canada, our silicone wristbands come with a huge variety of options, including glow in the dark, surface printed, glitter, ink fill, embossing, and more! Can’t decide on a colour or style? How about our multi-colour segment or swirl wristbands for extra attention grabbing visibility? The choices don’t stop there! We also offer standard sizes suitable for children, adults, or large adults, and even different band widths like our 6mm skinny wristbands all the way up to our 20mm thick ones! This allows you to not only customize your product but ensure that you have the right size branded arm band for your target audience!

We offer a lowest price in Canada guarantee and a wholesale discount to resellers, and combine these savings with varied minimum order quantities to suit organizations of all sizes. Whatever you choose, consumer safety and high impact advertising has never been so fun or affordable!