Two people enjoying their branded golf apparel on the golf course. One is pulling her wheeled golf bag and the other is practicing his golf swing on a golf course in Ontario.

Quality Brand Name Golf Shirts Custom Embroidered with Your Logo

You don’t have to play the sport to enjoy wearing our custom branded golf shirts, in fact, you don’t even have to like golf! Love the game or hate it, everyone loves awesome quality apparel, and we have that right here. We offer low minimum order quantities as well as a wide range of colours, materials, styles & sizes. With high-quality embroidery available, these custom logo golf and polo shirts could be the perfect choice for your next campaign. Great for business gifts, branded company apparel and corporate clothing, team wear & more – check out our branded golf shirts in Canada today!

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Why are Custom Branded Golf Shirts So Popular?

When it comes to choosing promotional golf gear for business rewards or branded swag, the sheer amount of options available can make it difficult to decide. Custom embroidered golf apparel has one advantage over many other items and that's we all need something to wear! With many courses typically having a dress code, you might be able to play without your ball marker, but you won't even get passed the gate with a scruffy shirt. The good news is that this makes customized golf polo shirts a handy product that offers your recipients something useful with your logo on. This might help explain why branded shirts for golf remain so sought after and popular with golf-themed promotions.

Create Something Comfortable and Practical with Your Logo On

Choosing custom golf apparel means more than just the chance to get your message the quality representation it deserves. Personalized golf shirts mean your recipients can wear something comfortable, correctly sized and designed for the purpose at hand. Ill-fitting clothing can mean far more than just being uncomfortable while golfing. It can lead to poorer performance, as the wearer is focused on their attire, rather than the game at hand. With golf being an expensive sport that takes up considerable time with each game, no one wants to waste their leisure time due to improper apparel. Getting your message onto corporate golf shirts and polos means you can offer your clients something designed for the task at hand and created with their hobby in mind. This means your custom golf apparel has the chance to be worn frequently, keeping your message on display to the public and refreshed in the wearer's mind with each use.

Getting Your Brand Noticed Beyond the Golf Green

Think these branded shirts for golf are just for on the green? Think again! This stylish custom apparel can be worn to dinner, for social occasions and more. Paired with smart jeans or khakis, these shirts offer a versatile addition to almost every wardrobe and with each use comes the chance for your logo to be noticed by those around the wearer. Few branded golf promotional items offer as much versatility for off-the-course use as imprinted golf shirts and this makes them a powerful marketing tool for brand awareness.

How are Promotional Golf Shirts Different from Regular Shirts?

They might look similar, but did you know that when it comes to custom apparel, branded golf polos often have some key features? Many options are made with moisture-wicking material, helping the wearer stay fresh and dry for longer. With golf courses often being wide open greens that offer little in the way of shelter from the sun, this is an important addition to quality logo golf polos and a great highlight to look for while browsing. Some shirts are UV repellent, helping add yet another layer of protection from the elements. Many offer a tagless design, helping reduce itching and discomfort, and freeing the wearer to focus on their game and enjoy their day. With so many options available, those customized golf polo shirts you see might just have more perks than you realize!

What Should I Look for in a Custom Golf Shirt?

Are you considering custom apparel for golf – but are unsure where to start? Like any apparel, sizing is key when it comes to choosing the best ones for your client's needs. We carry a range of women's and men's branded golf polos with sizes available ranging from XS-4XL. This means getting the fit you need, rather than settling for what there is can be easy to achieve. Choosing something that's made from breathable, lightweight material is also important and moisture-wicking styles add a further layer of comfort. Finally, when it comes to material, polyester and materials like spandex remain a forerunner for sought-after materials with promotional golf shirts due to their durability and elasticized nature.

Custom Golf Polos Offer Stylish Teamwear on and Off the Course

Whether you are heading to the country club and need branded apparel or off on a boy's weekend away and looking for custom logo golf shirts, looking stylish and staying comfortable could be easy to achieve with our selection of branded shirts for golf. With low minimums and high-quality materials, you can find something for almost every occasion in our branded golf polo shirts. Contact us today about getting your custom embroidery or logo onto these sophisticated pieces of apparel and let's get started creating quality golf gear for your business needs today.