Order Great Canadian Golf Shirts Branded with Your Logo

You don’t have to play the sport or even know anything about it to enjoy wearing our custom golf shirts, in fact really you don’t even have to like golf! Our high-quality embroidered shirts are a fantastic way to tee off any event, sporting or otherwise! We offer low minimum order quantities to cover smaller events as well as large scale venues and corporate businesses. With a wide range of colours, materials, styles and sizes – love the game or hate it, we have great golf shirts in Canada that will appeal to your potential customers!

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Comfortable and practical

Whether you are planning to wear our branded shirts on the green, in the country club afterwards or just for leisure, our high-quality materials won’t easily break down or fray, keeping your staff or clients always looking stylish and fresh. We understand that concentration is key, whether taking that important swing or keeping cool in a meeting at the office, no one wants to be distracted by itchy tags. This is why we offer tagless shirts for extra comfort – not to mention reducing the risk of you accidentally cutting a hole in your precious new shirt!

Smart casual – a winning combination

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to know exactly what to wear for an event. A formal suit is often overkill except for the most important of occasions and turning up in beachwear might get you thrown out before you cross the door! Worry not though because custom polo shirts are a great solution for almost any event where the dress code is unclear. Combining style, comfort and elegance, we offer these items in a range of colour options to better suit any preference or occasion. From a purchaser’s point of view this is excellent news as your branded clothing is more likely to be worn to a multitude of events – helping spread your message further, as well as being a great conversation starter when awkwardly seated beside strangers!

A fantastic choice for resale

Just like you don’t have to be a golf enthusiast to wear these custom polo shirts, you don’t have to own a golf store to sell them! With the option to embroider a logo of your choice this makes our custom golf shirts adaptable to almost any business model! From hotel resorts, to leisure centres, to tourist attractions – even theme parks! Simply contact a member of our friendly sales staff today and before you know it our art team will have your logo or slogan imprinted onto the ideal custom polo shirts for your company’s business!

An inclusive range of sizes

At Dynamic Gift Canada we understand that one size definitely does NOT fit all, which is exactly why we offer such a wide range of sizes and material cuts – to better suit you or your recipients’ needs! Just like with good quality, better fitting clothing is more likely to be worn actively than left in a dresser drawer, helping your product stay on display. No business owner wants to have products with their brand on them left forgotten in some storage cupboard!

Working with us

Personalized custom golf shirts are not the only thing that are personal when working with us! Unlike many other companies, we have a small and dedicated team who are specially trained to help you get exactly what you need. Providing quick quotes, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing without any compromise to quality – it's easy to see why Dynamic Gift is the first and last stop for so many Canadian businesses. Why not add us to your favourites too? Contact us today and let’s get started on your next project!