Everyday custom logo polo shirts being worn by people of various ages at work, school and during a learning class for older Canadians.

Custom Branded Polo Shirts for Your Business or Everyday Use

Did you know that despite the name, polo shirts originated from the game of tennis? Created as an alternative to traditional heavy garments but with the aim of staying within dress code boundaries – this is still relevant to why we wear them today. Lightweight, durable and designed to move with the body, it’s easy to see why polo shirts have branched out from sports to become a lasting fashion choice for the public. With Dynamic Gift Canada you can create your own custom polo shirts that will have you saying ‘game set match’ to good advertising, style and brand awareness!

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Great for staff

You can have the best business model in the world but if your staff look untidy and questionable, then your sales and progress won’t reflect what you really deserve. Our custom print polos are designed with those who have other things than what they are wearing on their mind, leaving them to focus on what really matters – without compromising their image or yours.

The importance of good quality and why you should shop with us

If good clothing makes you feel good, then the logic of what poor quality attire does to our outlook is easy to guess. With uncomfortable or inappropriate work uniforms a common reason for job unhappiness - loss of productivity, demotivation and even high staff turn over could all be credited to what you are asking your staff to wear. Choose clothing that is more likely to boost morale, job satisfaction and overall happiness without great expense or difficulty with our logo polo shirts available here.

The perks our polos offer

Tagless – Lets face it, no one likes tags in their clothes. We most likely know how to care for our apparel and if we don’t there's always the internet, making those annoying tags with their strange symbols a relic of the past. This is why many of our products are tagless, meaning less irritation and of course, less potential for damage when trying to cut them out.

Snag resistant – Whether you are looking to buy for a sports team or your staff, for anyone who has any kind of contact with rough surfaces, snag resistant is the way to go. With multiple products from us use this technology that was created to give extra protection from snagging, loose threads and tears. Whatever the task is you can carry it out without worrying about your clothes with our custom polo shirts.

Moisture wicking – Because sweaty isn’t a fashion statement. With breathable material and products offering moisture wicking (a fabric that draws moisture away from the body) staying fresh and focused is easy with our good quality materials.

Looking for a specific quality or perk and it’s not listed? Check out the product you are interested in under ‘materials’ or simply contact us for your answer!

Easy to notice

By selecting logo polo shirts, you are instantly creating a mobile, eye catching billboard without the tackiness or expense. With your message placed on an easily visible area, and our range of colour choices for materials, standing out and getting noticed is easy - all you have to do is choose what you want! With our high-quality embroidered shirts being durable and easy to care for your chosen message will be with its wearer for years to come, making branded polo’s an awesome choice for savvy advertisers who have long term in mind.

A style for everyone

With so many of our custom polo shirts available in sizes XS to 4XL we pride ourselves in not only supplying products that are great quality but more likely to be a great fit too. Our wide array of appealing colours means you can decide whether you want to stand out and draw the eye or blend in for sophisticated elegance.

Whatever you choose, we will do our best to make those who matter to you look and feel fantastic, giving the positive response you as the purchaser deserve. With all this in mind when looking for polo shirts in Canada why not contact our friendly, dedicated team to find out just how affordable and stress free looking good can be?