Left; a man using a cooling towel after a run. Middle; women in an Ontario 5k breast cancer race. Right; a lady at the beach with her sports pack.

Custom Running & Jogging Accessories Help Your Brand Get Moving!

Motion attracts attention, and custom printed running and jogging accessories are here to raise brand awareness for your business! These handy promotional jogging and fitness products are great for gyms, fitness class marketing campaigns or anyone looking to get their company associated with wellness. Choose from custom branded jogger belts or give your clients a handy method to cool down after a hard workout with imprinted cooling towels. Whatever you decide on, don't let your competitors sprint to the finish and leave you in the dust! Start browsing our selection of jogging and running accessory swag options now, or contact us with your idea!

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Get Your Custom Branding Linked to Health and Wellness

If you are a gym or an activity-based business, adding your custom printed message to promotional jogging and running accessories might feel like a no-brainer – but what about if you aren't? The good news is that custom logo jogging items can benefit far more than just those in the business of exercise! Getting your information onto something linked to healthy living and wellness can send a positive message to customers and let them know that you are invested in more than just your company. By providing custom fitness swag your business can say "I value your health and well-being and I want to make your goals easier!" This makes imprinted jogging and fitness gear a great allrounder for promotional events and marketing campaigns alike.

Fundraiser Bundles and Custom Branded Jogger Swag!

Are you raising awareness for an important cause? Getting everyone together and rallying for what matters can promote unity and a sense of positivity. With so many of these get-togethers involving running, jogging, or even walking together in solidarity or to raise money for an important cause. Being out in the sun all day while this happens might sound great, but keeping your participants comfortable means providing them with the items they need. Customized jogging and sports bundles come with a range of handy products – including promotional cooling towels, custom printed water bottles to help them stay hydrated and handy drawstring bags or jogger belts for those essentials. When the event is over these useful items can be taken home and reused – helping to further awareness for your cause and promote brand visibility even after your important day is complete.

Promote Your Gym or Fitness Group Outside of Class

Let's get healthy together! Positivity for gym marketing campaigns and fitness centres is essential for encouragement and, arguably, repeat attendance. Giving your clients custom branded fitness swag could be a great way to foster positivity for your business and them the boost they need to keep trying. With items including promotional jogger belt bags and imprinted cooling towels, you can also provide promotional items for activities that can be used outside their time at your venue. Encouraging self-motivation could start as easily as giving potential clients some awesome custom printed sports bottle bundles with your logo on them. With radio and billboard advertising being expensive and often short-term – getting your message out there for others to see on branded running and jogger swag could be a great alternative and helps explain why these items remain so popular!

The Value of Social Media and Custom Jogging Gear

We touched on the expense that advertising can bring, but what about if you could get your clients working for you? Now no customer is going to go around endlessly promoting your brand...or are they? With the arrival of social media, the marketing world has shifted and tech-loving clients can make all the difference to your brand visibility. Providing people with imprinted running and jogging accessories with your logo on them could be the perfect way to snag a place on the wearer's social feed as they show the world how invested in wellness they are. With so many of us wanting to show our contacts that we are being our best, healthiest selves – promotional jogging and running belts or customized cooling towels could be the perfect accessory for that snap. Sharing images online also means the chance for your brand to be noticed all around the world – even on a modest budget.

Going Global with Your Brand Awareness

Not a big believer in the power of image sharing? Don't worry, because custom logo running gear has another trick up its sleeve to help your brand get the most for its miles. Whether people run on their own, or in groups – they are almost always running outside. This means your message could be seen on the local trail, at sports tracks or the park – but the benefits could be even bigger! Marathons, fun runs, walks for awareness, all these events rarely happen on a client's doorstep, and this means travel. Your branded stash belt for joggers might be at the local beach one week but in the middle of a crowd in another city the next, keeping its owner's essentials safe as they participate in a fitness event. With so much potential for travel, custom printed joggers accessories could be ideal for mobile marketing and brand awareness for your business.

Racing to Better Brand Visibility with Quality Jogging Promotions

Are you considering making promotional running accessories and jogger swag in bulk your next custom printed item? We are ready to go the distance with you, from our office at least! Getting the design you need and the quality you deserve is something we excel at, even if we can't run a mile a minute ourselves. Our staff are experienced in fielding questions on everything from custom print to shipping. All of this, combined with our in-house art service means you can rest easy before the race begins, knowing you are in good hands. Message us today about customized running and jogging promotional items to get your brand off the start line for that next event.