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Custom Company Logo Pedometers & Branded Step Counters

Custom pedometers are great for companies that are in a health or athletic industry to give out to their staff and/or clients. Pedometers are used to track how active you are (or how many steps you take) throughout the day. They are great for people that like to stay in shape and monitor how much they are running or walking each day. Some pedometers can even tell you how many miles you have ran or walked. These company logo pedometers are also great for people that are trying to lose weight, or have health conditions like heart disease. We have the lowest prices in Canada and all of our products are made with quality.

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A Cool Promotional Pedometer For Sports People

All of the pedometers we offer are customizable, so they can be made into your own company logo pedometers. If you have a business or company in Canada that relates to health or fitness, this is an ideal promotional gift that you can give to your customers, clients, and or staff. They can be predominately used as a way to promote your business, or you can use them as a thank you gift with a gentle reminder of your company printed on them. We can print your business name, company name, or logo on your custom pedometers in various vibrant colors. So your logo is sure to catch people’s attention. There are 7 different pedometers that we offer, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The pedometers that we offer throughout Canada include

•Solar Pedometer
The solar pedometer measures the amount of steps you take, how many miles you’ve gone, and how many calories you’ve burned.

This one features a 3 minute automatic shut off and it can record up to 99,999 steps.

•Clip-on Pedometer
This is a clip on pedometer that records, steps, mileage, and calories. This one also has an automatic shut off feature to conserve battery life.

•The Tweet Pedometer
The tweet pedometer also tracks calories, mileage, and steps. It features an LCD screen, an automatic shut off function, and a belt clip.

•The Pingster Pedometer
This one counts steps, has a small compact design, and they come in various vibrant colors.

•Trainer Pedometer
The trainer features an automatic shut off, and a belt clip. These track calories, steps, and mileage.

•In Shape Pedometer
This one is pretty basic. They feature an LCD screen, a belt clip, auto shut off, and it counts steps.

Order from the pedometer experts

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So when we say we have the lowest prices around, we mean it. Do you need pedometers as soon as possible? No problem. We also have a rush delivery service for anyone that is pressed for time. (Conditions may apply.) Our team of designers will present you with a virtual sample of what your own company logo pedometers will look like, before your order is complete. That way you know what to expect, and are 100% satisfied.

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